Brian woke up with the date reverberating in his head. He loved the month of July not only because it’s his birth month, but also because it’s the month he embarks on charitable deeds. For some weird reason, he was excited for today’s charity event. He had picked out the lucky recipient in his head and though he initially balked at his choice, it began to grow on him, albeit slowly. Brian was determined to make someone’s dream come true and he was going to enjoy seeing the look of surprise and pleasure on the recipient’s face.

Teju hated school but had little or no choice. She had nothing going for her and school was the only place she could go, to pass time and silently curse her fate. She wasn’t a Grade A student… no. She was just an average student, who used her every spare moment – and she did have alot of those – to study and improve her grades. She knew she couldn’t make an “A” even with a text-book open in front of her but she was determined to try. With a frustrated sigh, she slowly made her way to the school library to read up on psychology.

Brian headed for the library. He knew just where to find the recipient of his proposed charity but his journey there was interrupted severally by fawning female students, throwing themselves at him with shameless vehemence. He was used to the attention. He’d resigned himself to the inevitable fact that his six foot 3inch frame of dark hard-bodied muscle, was pure, undiluted babe-magnet. He didn’t complain though. He was secretly grateful for his looks and build and went out of his way to please his female admirers.

Teju sat at a far corner of the library, reading her psychology text-book and trying hard not to day dream. Not like her daydream was going to be romantic or such. She had no one to daydream about because she gave up hope of ever falling in love and expecting to be loved in return. Her life was pathetic and she had mourned its lack of improvement several years before and  moved on. No point thinking about a life that was sure to end in sorrow and possibly spinsterhood. Now all she did was study hard and quell her loneliness with food.

Brian entered the school library with a suaveness that made the librarian push her glasses down for a discrete peek. He saw her but pretended not to. It was no hidden secret that the librarian wanted him bad; her thirst was obvious… Today,  however, he had no time for her flirty looks. He was a man on a mission. A mission to make some lucky girl’s dream come true. He knew just where to go and if he was lucky – which he always was – he would spot her.

The hair at the back of Teju’s neck pricked. She felt the kind of funny feeling one feels when someone was watching them. She looked up from her  book with a puzzle frown. Her eyes clashed with his and she froze. She couldn’t breath, blink or move. She just stared at Brian’s tall, dark and handsome frame as he sat at the next table, removing his books from his backpack, his eyes holding her hostage. Teju felt her neck grow cold.

She was the ugliest girl Brian had ever seen. Her eyes sloped mournfully, as if they intended to leave their sockets and roll down her face. Her lips were thin and lifeless but it was her mouth, as a whole, that appalled him. She had an overbite, large enough to make her a science project. Hers were the hugest teeth ever and her thin lips could barely cope with the task of covering them. Brian threw her a smile and turned to his book. His smile was the offer of his benevolent gift and she would be stupid not to accept it.

Teju’s sloppy eyes widened to their fullest and made her look like a badly drawn cartoon. She attempted to fold her thin lips over her huge teeth but failed. She’d just had a daydream that Brian smiled at her and she felt herself close to retching. With a swiftness that was foreign to her nature, Teju quickly packed up her books, shoving them in her big carryall bag, and scurried out of the library like a petrified rabbit. She had to write this precious moment in her diary, right after vomiting with excitement.

Brian smiled. Whether she knew it or not, she had just accepted his gift. He counted to ten then packed up his books and left the library. It wasn’t difficult to spot her in the huge campus. She was the only girl whose face left a trail of laughter in her wake. Brian shook his head and thought of how benevolent he was for embarking on this charitable gesture. Not many men would think to do what he did for Teju and her likes and he hoped that someday soon, these unfortunate damsels would look back and think of him as the nearest they would ever come to a messiah.

Teju ran to her “safe-haven” in the school campus – a quiet place at the back of the new Accounts Department which was still under construction. There, she attempted to vomit in vain. Exhausted by her brisk walk and inane shock at being spoken to by the hottest boy in Uni, Teju leaned on the wall of the building, trying to pull herself together.  Life was cruel to her as it were. She didn’t need the likes of Brian coming to smile at her in their bizarre attempt at pulling off a sick joke. At that moment, Teju seriously considered dropping out of school.

Brian found her leaning on the wall at the back of the new accounts Department Building. He had often wondered what she came here to do. Looking at her, he felt a bit sorry for her. It can’t be fun , waking up every morning and knowing she would forever look like a sea-horse, he thought in magnanimous pity. Hopefully, his gift would be a bright spot in her life. Brian smiled and covered the distance between them. Teju realized his presence too late and couldn’t take flight. She cowered uncertainly, waiting for the cruel jokes to begin. Instead, he smiled at her again.

“Hi Teju… of course you know who I am right?

She nodded, afraid to speak. Brian smiled and continued.

“So, this July is my Birth Month and every year, I like to make a random girl’s wish come true. This year, you’re the lucky random girl”

Teju still didn’t say anything but her eyes seem to narrow suspiciously and her brows furrowed deeply in a frown. If it were humanly possible, she looked even more hideous!

“Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m supposed to grant you?”

Still she said nothing. Brian felt his irritation creeping up but had to suppress it. This was supposed to be a good deed. He didn’t want to ruin it with anger. Instead, he smiled again at her.

“I’ll be at Sansea Hotel this evening. If you’re interested, meet me there at 7pm. I’ll wait for you for an hour and if I don’t see you, I will take it that you’re not interested in my gift and leave. Ok?”

He didn’t wait for her response before turning to walk away. Teju watched him leave, her mind racing worriedly. What gift could Brian possibly want to give her? And why her? It didn’t add up. Wait… did he say hotel? Until today, Brian had never acknowledged her existence. He usually looked right through her like she didn’t exist. She was quite surprised he even knew her name. With a reluctant sigh, Teju started to make her way back to the girl’s hostel. She relied solely on her instincts; which had gotten her way from scrapes and public humiliation on several occasions, and was strangely perturbed when the same instincts told her to meet Brian at the hotel.

Brian expected the knock and smiled in anticipation. No girl could resist him… not even the extremely ‘morguish-looking’ Teju. His friends would be horrified if they knew what he was up to. His girlfriend would probably die of apoplexy. Either way, he was glad no one knew of his plans. It’s not everyday he offers the services of his dick to the ugly girls of the world. But being  a magnanimous and generous guy, he did it on the down-low. He was not the sort of guy that gave freely and willingly and announced his benevolence. Ugly girls deserved some love and he was going to offer his. His only prayer was that she wouldn’t have a repugnant odor like the girl from last year July. He didn’t want his secret fetish to be quelled by shoddy hygiene issues. Luckily, he always used a condom.

He opened the door and ushered Teju in. She had managed to pull herself together in a futile attempt at looking good. Her thin lips were smeared with a marshy-colored lipstick while her eyes had the faint touch of eye-shadow and eye-pencil. The combination was garish but Brian appreciated the attempt. She looked nervous and was clutching her bag like a weapon. Brian went into ‘Soothing-Mode’ instantly.

“Hi… thanks for making it. I know you’re worried and I don’t blame you for that but what I want to tell you is quite simple. You either accept or decline. Either way, I’d respect your choice and we’ll go back to how we always were in school. Simple. So please, calm down. You’re under no duress to do anything.”

His look was so sincere that Teju relaxed a little. Up close, he looked like a dark demi-god; handsome, tall and commanding.

“What do you want to grant me” she asked him shyly, painfully aware of her beauty-challenge.

“I’m granting you myself.  Just for today. Do whatever you please with me. I’m going to be your willing slave, boyfriend, whatever! All I ask is for you to be gentle with me.”

Teju’s mouth fell open in shock. It didn’t improve her looks from his standpoint and he wished she would just close her mouth and take the opportunity so he could fuck her with a pillow covering her face. The mere thought of her face covered with a pillow made him stiff. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he used his stiffness to his advantage.

“You may not believe it Teju, but I’m attracted to you in a strange way. See for yourself…”

Slowly, making sure she was watching, Brian unfastened his belt and clasp of his jeans, reached for his dick and pulled it out gently, stroking it in the process. His impressive thick and stout seven-inch member, stiffened some more. Teju gapped at it, feeling suddenly light-headed and  faint.

(………. Click here for final episode)

Written by DAME


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  1. Hummmm! Sounds exciting! Really can’t wait 2 read d next part of d story.. Nice story tho

  2. So i also decided 2 do a charity wrk 2 sum gal cos am july n I askd her 2 ask 4 anytyn n she askd 4 a fone :]Y

  3. Stumbled upon this blog through a friend’s friend’s friend’s (etc) blog… You know how it works, haha. I like the perspective with which you write. You know what, I shall come back again, surely.

  4. Chai, and just as it was getting pretty icky yiky, u unplugged the socket, wicked girl. Interesting story tho, never knew charity knew such a limitless thoughtfulness, how commendable. Taaaa, make I wait for the last part sha. I commend your creativity dear. A movie can be made outta this, I could put a call across to Tyler Perry if you wish.

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