Ever Been on Money Date? Find Out How and Set One Up

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What are money dates and how do you set one up?

Dear lovers — married or to be married — let’s have a little money talk. There are conversations on various matters that concern couples, so many that seem to crowd out an important aspect of relationships — money. This is probably due to the view of money conversations being awkward. Having awkwardness related with such an important conversation would make people shy away from it, and this can have adverse effects. What if you could have the conversation in a fun and interesting manner through money dates?

Let us show you how this can work with five simple steps;

Keep The Romance

Though it is a money talk, you don’t want it to be all rigid and boring by making the atmosphere tense and setting a wrong pace for conversations. You can choose to have an affordable fun outing that ends up with dinner. Alternatively, especially if you are married, you can decide to cook each other’s favourite meals and have fun at that. The idea is to keep the atmosphere beautiful and calm.

Stay Committed

With so much happening around us these days, we can unintentionally forget even the most important things. In order not to fall into this 21st-century trap you should commit to reminding each other about the date in a fun way. You can step up your game by setting secret love alarms on your partner’s phone; popping up a few days to the date. The alarms should have short beautiful heartfelt messages and a reminder attached.

Rate Your Goals

If you want to be serious about financial progress, you have to set goals. Starting an investment plan, together or individually, is a good way to realize your financial goals in a rewarding manner. If you don’t have financial goals, you are building up for already you can set one and review on subsequent money dates. For reviews, you would both get to assess how well you are doing with your commitments and how to improve if there is a need to.

Rate Your Budgeting

Even though you might invest together, you would spend individually. A date like this presents a good time to assess individual spending patterns. It is a moment for individual reflections, and not a time to castigate one another. So take turns to speak and encourage each other to do better where there is slack. You can design individual budgets and grow together.

Keep The Ball Rolling

For you to accumulate the benefits of these dates, just like investments, you have to be consistent. A set time every month, for instance, can be chosen; one that is comfortable for both of you. With time it would become a beneficial habit.

Taking out time to speak about your money would not only help improve your financial life but help reduce stress and anxiety according to Britney Castro; a financial expert. Also, it would help promote transparency amongst both of you and that would help strengthen your bond. You should get started with it and share your experience with us when you do; if you don’t mind.

This article was written by the Cowrywise team. Cowrywise is an automated savings platform tailored for Africans; by helping them invest these savings in risk-free instruments they help make the savings journey more rewarding.

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