Yummy Smoothies to Try for those Interested in Weight-Loss

Smoothies are thick, more natural than fruit juice; hence, you’re going to have a natural drink that fills your tummy up with its thickness. This is why you need to know about them if you want to lose weight and still ensure that you eat to eliminate hunger and be satisfied. Smoothies don’t even need preservatives or additives because as you make it, you drink it. Also, if you want them cold, you could put ice in them or put them in the refrigerator. Here are some delicious smoothies you are definitely going to enjoy: 

Apple-Lime Smoothie 

Apple is a delicious fruit on its own, so if you’re going to make a smoothie out of it, you will need a weight loss fruit like lime to add to it. Apple= sweetener; Lime= weight loss agent. Therefore, you would kill two birds with one stone. To make this smoothie, you will need three large green or red apples and five balls of lime. Shred the apples into smaller pieces, and place them in the blender. Ensure that the water is in a balanced proportion with the apples. When it is smooth, bring it out and start squeezing the lime juice into it. There you have your Apple-Lime smoothie. Have a great meal drink!

Banana Smoothie

You could get six tubers of banana, slice them into smaller portions, and blend them. You could also add honey to it or simply take it alone. Banana contains minerals and when they are extremely ripe, they turn sweet and this would not help the process of weight loss. It is better to get an average banana that is ripe, yet not overripe or too soft. 

Citrus Smoothie

This smoothie consists of various citrus fruits—orange, lemon, lime, citron, grapefruit, and tangerine. These fruits are rich in Vitamin C, and they are very acidic enough to burn certain fats in the body. The grapefruit should be slice into very small pieces and blended, while the other fruits should be squeezed into it. 

Tropical Smoothie

This is a sort of mixture of different fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, mango, peach, apple, and paw-paw. These tasty fruits should all be cut into pieces for easy blending. 

Veggie Smoothie

Vegetables are very good slimming agents, and in order to enjoy them, one needs to add flavours. Pumpkin leaves and Spinach are good for slimming down; also, they are healthy for the blood. Cut the leaves away from the stem, wash them and blend them till they are smooth. The best way to enjoy the smoothie and to also help slim down is to take it with cinnamon powder. You would enjoy this yummy and healthy mixture. 

Tips to Note

  • You are not limited to the number of fruits mentioned in this article. You can get as many fruits as you want because fruits are extremely healthy for the human body. You can inform friends that are already slim that they should also take these smoothies, with the exclusion of some of the slimming agents like lemon and lime.
  • Ensure the seeds of the fruits are absent while the smoothie-process is on-going.
  • Cut into pieces as small as possible so that your blender doesn’t get damaged. 
  • Fruits contain their own water; don’t add too much water
  • If you need easy access to a variety of smoothies, go to a smoothie store and select from the options. Also, indicate that you need smoothies for weight loss so they can give you options from your request. 

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