The ‘Betrayal’ Of a Model

The 'Betrayal' Of a Model - elsieisy blog

By Oyinlola Omowonuola

We love to idolize people.At first, I thought it was just an African thing but from research I discovered it is universal.

We love people from afar, we adore their talents and doggedness. We love what we see, soon enough some of us want to be like them!

We don’t care what these ‘models’ go through in their closets. We don’t know the tears and turmoil they save to carry on each day.

In short, we know nothing about them outside the screen and the public façade. Yet we believe these ‘models’ owe us a thing .

They owe us consistencyThey owe us decencyThey owe us ‘good’ examplesThey owe us a follow back and a smileThey owe us a rapor or at least an attentionAnd yes, they owe us their damn minds too…

These we believe unfortunately often.

It was on the Facebook medium that a young man was condemning Anita (Chris Oyakhilome’s ex-wife) after she publicly aired her view on certain religious conceptions. The young man said she only has an infinitesimal liberty to express her opinions because she has physical or imaginary protégées. He faulted her for saying her mind and making people see things in an unusual dimension. He was objectively opposed by some of my Facebook friends including me. I personally told him to feel free to tackle opinions but never anybody under my wall… (I usually hate discussing people).

Some hours later, he unfriended me for some reasons best known to him. (It was our first counter-opinions)

What am I driving at?

Just today, I was reminded again that Serena Williams, in the video “I’m sorry” by queen Beyonce didn’t show a mentor power. I heard for the first time today that a lot of people are faulting Serena Williams for her role in that video as it is an ‘all female gang’ video and maybe her twerking and all… Really? Like for real?

When me ‘aff’ not even gotten over the powerful and sonorous song…’Izokay’….

But the truth is that my heart bleeds when people compartmentalize ‘models’ in their minds. They judge people for blowing beyond their mind capacity.

If you know someone you look up to isn’t morally complying with your conventional expectations, why not just work hard as well, strive to reach their pedestal and make yourself your own model instead of judging them!!!!!

Nobody is responsible for your damn mind!Not your pastorNot your teacherNot your friendsAnd certainly not your role models, but you, you and you! Own up for once!!! Grow up fast and furious!!!!

It is damn 21st century remember!!!! We are not getting any younger!!!!

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