#MoreForYou – 7 Inspirational YouTube Videos You Should Watch

Life can indeed be challenging a lot of times. At different times, we need some push, which can be in the form of inspirational words to push through. Some of us are at that stage where we need inspirational words daily, in order to keep pushing. Based on this, we will be sharing with you some inspirational YouTube videos you should watch. These videos will likely inspire you to take action and never lose hope. No matter what you are going through, there is some form of hope that you can hold on to, and not give up.

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Check out the 7 inspirational YouTube Videos for motivation to keep up the struggle until you find success.

  1. Here’s What Lies on the Other Side of Fear, Will Smith

Will Smith shares the story of what happens when we push past the fear. From this video, we will discover that potential, happiness, and meaning are all found when we go beyond ourselves to something greater. The video will challenge you to push through your fear for something more from life.

2. Get Back Up, Nick Vujicic

Imagine being born with no arms and limbs? That’s the case of Nick Vujicic. In this video, he talks about how you can rise above what other people think about you. Nick is one of the most inspirational persons in the world. This video should help you fully embrace yourself for who you are.

3. Never give up, Derek Redmond

Despite feeling a searing pain on his thighs, Derek Redmond refused to give up the race. What this video shows is that no matter what you are going through, you can keep pushing forward. Through Derek Redmon, we see what going through the pain barrier to complete an Olympic race is really like. Don’t allow your situation to stop you from your goal.

4. A Father’s amazing love, Dick & Rick Hoyt

This video presents a father and son who went for the Ironman marathon together, although Rick, the son, can neither walk nor talk in all through his life and his father, Dick, had a heart condition. You will be inspired by the fatherly love, and the sacrifice family makes for each other.

5. Inspirational Commencement Speech at University of the Arts 2012, Neil Gaiman

This is one of the best commencement speeches. Neil Gaiman shows you how to be creative and successful as an artist regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

6. Inspirational Video on Increasing your Confidence, Paul Potts

Paul Potts is a phone sales guy with a dream of becoming a superstar opera singer. In this video, he doesn’t look much like a singer, but he believed in himself. What this video shows is that with the right level of confidence, you can showcase your talent anywhere.

7. The Surprising Science of Happiness, Dan Gilbert

We all want to live a happy life, right? In this video, Dan Gilbert challenges the idea that we will be miserable if we don’t get what we want. He further explains how to feel truly happy even when things don’t seem to go as planned.

There is so much on youtube – Take advantage, learn and explore!

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