March: A Month Filled with Happiness and Anxiety

March: A Month Filled with Happiness and Anxiety - elsieisy blog

Hey Dearies,

Happy new Month! How do you do?

Most times, I do a post at the beginning of every month, either talking about my lessons from the gone month or sharing my expectations in the new month, but this didn’t happen in February. If it did, I probably would have shared how down, sad and worried I was. The year started on an awesome path for me but soon took a really bad turn. The bad turn and the events around it was the reason and inspiration behind my post in January titled – Staying Calm Amidst the Storm

While I was writing that post, I was trying all I could to remain strong and hold on to God’s promises. I’m not the kind of person to come sing a perfect life story to you here when it’s far from perfect. Sharing it as it is, helps me remain sane and I believe we all can learn something from not just the awesome moments in our lives but the down times too.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on how you want to look at it, I couldn’t share anything on this blog from the 27th of January till when the Love Literati contest commenced (almost mid-February). The blog was hacked and about 5.4million viruses was uploaded to my host from the server. I was tensed, scared + sad but thank God for good people around me.

It’s the 1st of March 2017 and all I feel right now is happiness and anxiety.

Happiness because these past weeks of this year 2017 have pulled me closer to God and opened my eyes of faith and understanding. You know, hearing the word of God and seeing them play out in your life are two different things. I have experienced the teachings I hold on to, work out live, and in various aspect of my life but this recent ones overwhelm me. When God works, when he moves, we do not understand it. We cry, fall sick, etc. But little do we know that He is working out the answer. Little do we know that he destroys to build you stronger

I wish to share my good news with you all right now but I will in due time, in this month of March as we count down to my birth month – April (I couldn’t resist adding that…start arranging my gifts o).

I’m happy because events of these past weeks have strengthened me and I can boldly and strongly say – “My life is not mine, He will make all things beautiful in His own time”.

Anxiety because that’s what I feel when I’m about to start something new or enter a new phase in my life. I worry about my best not being good enough, I worry about being an amateur, I worry about content, I worry about being accepted by you (the consumers of the finished product/audience), I worry about doing an awesome job, I worry about not letting down people that have decided to believe in me more than I do me.

But one thing is clear, His grace is sufficient! I will prepare and get ready, do my best and call for God’s strength to manifest in my weakness.

So how has 2017 been so far? Going as planned, if yes then kudos. But if you ever get to feel down or things aren’t really going as planned or expected, please have this at the back of your mind:

1. Nothing happens for nothing

2. There is time for everything and for everyone. Keep at what you do, each breathe draws you closer to your time.

3. Pray! And by pray, just ask God to take the wheel. Ask him for constant Grace, Mercy & Favour. That’s all you need.

4. Maintain your integrity and brand. People are watching.

Finally, I pray for peace of conscience and wisdom as we walk through this victorious month of March.

If you have tips for us all in this month of March, please use the comment section as I love reading from you.

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  1. keep up the good work and may the Almighty God keep strengthening you in Jesus name.

  2. Wow this is really nice.. Tho I was quite sad concerning the love literati contest because of my story wasn’t chosen.. In relation to my sleepless night and efforts in order to meet the deadline.. Anyway tnks a lot for this inspiring piece… Its comforting..

  3. Hello Aunt Elsie,

    How do you do too? I am happy you shared this because I, also can resonate. However, February was good for me(I added a year). This March, I am also anxious because I worry that I am not enough,I also worry about achieving nothing at the end of this month. So, I have set goals and I have also prayed to God because tt the end of it all, God just has to be in control.

    Happy New Month. Do have beautiful memories and Happy birthday in a month advance.

  4. Hi Elsie

    Stay strong. Love your work and your strong will to achieving your dreams

    I know you will wrong this year.


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