I thought to myself, am at a point where I have to talk about this matter. Do let these instances speak to you.

Usually my attitude and actions are direct reflection of my mood. I will do just about anything atanytime ,too bad I can’t even vouch for myself (well maybe I can sometimes). I have a thing for pictures so I take a lot of them but when am out, hanging out with my friends or a date, I love enjoying the time out and rarely think of pictures. I enjoy timing out of the troubles of the world to have a good time. When I am in that mood for the pictures, its might just be in front of my house or in my small room or wherever am caught up doing myself made photoshoot of my beautiful self 😀 Taking to social media now, I have seen guys talk and tweet about how annoying it is when a girl snaps a picture of herself at places for the hype of it and never in their comfort zone just for avatar and dp purpose, looking for that perfect background and all,(shoprite tinz,hehe) Calling them bitches, hoes and pretenders. It never bothered me because of my earlier explanation of me .In the course of the day I had a chat with a guy friend of mine, as i put up my picture as dp. Feeling likethe fine girl I like to think I am, getting different compliments and all, then this one ping comes in from John…John :”If no be say you fine ehn!!!”.Me: “ROTFL wetin for happen?” (I thought he was just trying to be funny.)John: “ur pics for no dey fine”

There I was, still thinking he was joking, still laughing, I replied

Me: “ROTFL I no get swag abi?”John: “because the background wey you dey always use ehn! UR SWAG IS AVERAGE. Shey you no dey see your background.” *In his words*

This reply at this point came to me as a surprise and I couldn’t believe me eyes ,” All I could send to him was a surprise smiley.

There and then I was lost in thought. THIS WASN’T THE ME JOHN THINKS I AM!!!

Back to me : I love having my natural hair on sometimes. be me youOne particular day, I was feeling so fly with my natural long full silky hair, lets skip on my dress and entire look for this said day. As I stepped out of my abode i saw a familiar face in the neighborhood, we exchanged pleasantries and he didn’t fail to tell me how beautiful I was looking. Then he noticed the hair and said “wow is this your hair?” I gladly said yes and blushed……as I got to my destination, meeting another guy, all he said was “why is your hair unkept? Try make your hair and I gave him a sarcastic “OK”.

There are times I find it totally unnecessary to use my pictures on dp. Not that it’s bad but that screw in my mind just shifts once in a while. Then Jide pinged me after 1week of my picture being absent as dp and said “why don’t you use your pictures on your dp? Are u shy? Or do you think you are not beautiful enough? …….*sighs* you don’t want to know my reply.

I know how much guys talk and tweet, complaining of girls that changed dp every second, and goes “what is she feeling like? you would hear talks like artificial hair, artificial eyelash, artificial eye brow, artificial height and you want a real man……… We know you are fine ….bla bla bla.

Moral of my story….ladies please be yourself. `Don’t do things to please anybody. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, just Do it.If your conscience doesn’t judge you, let no one else do. Don’t do things cause of a tweet you saw or what you heard or cause a friend/acquaintance of yours does. One man’s food is another man’s poison. And I remember this tweet “stop wearing foam bra, your husband who loves cup breast might pass you by not knowing the true size” I didn’t get that word for word but am sure most of you remember the tweet. It came out very funny but it made a whole lot of sense to me. Please be you. And you ll be loved for being you. Don’t be deceived into being a monster. Bleaching won’t help you. It doesn’t even enhance your beauty or your brain. BLACK is beautiful. You are wonderfully and beautifully made by God.

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  1. (Y) I am of the opinion dat, d only opinion that counts is Mine. I am my worst critic! That helps me a lot. Nice post Elsie 😉

  2. Being urself shud be d ultimate peeps……enuf of tryng to please this person, or that person!

  3. Nice post, I think inferiority complex is one of the major factors cos most pple dnt ve strong ethical values so dey tend to drift often. But what most girls fail to realise with their real eyes is that most responsible guys want a real girl and not someone struggling to be part of tag along. Standing out has always bin the benchmark so its good u are doing that. And if everyone decides to standout with u then u become the standard. I’m a strong proponent of style over fashion anyway. Once again nice post, I wish ladies culd read dis and have a diff perspective.

  4. Haha. I love this one. Concise, precise, witty & funny. Reminds me of Ebenezer Obey’s song about a donkey, its owners & the world’s disapproval of their every shift.\n\nBut really, that’s life, is it not?

  5. Great write up there… I just want to comment on the background issue. I think background is an essential tool with life, imagine if this write up was on a black background… U won’t see the beauty of the text and won’t read of the mind of the writer. Maybe U shuld start getting in the mood of photoshoots when you are around edifying structures.

  6. ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈KING̶̲̥̅  D̶̲̥̅̊AVID̶̲̥̅̊·̵̭̌»̶̥-̶̯͡┈̥‎ says:

    For a man to prosper, he needs to always ignore most criticisms and pass bye most pleasant words. Staying focussed leads u on and not people’s words. Good one elsie

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