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JUST DO ITLast Saturday was a defining day for me. It was a day I had told myself I would either forge ahead or take a break.And I am glad I am forging ahead, hence, you are reading from this blog. The Hangout with Elsieisy was a success and I am still thanking all those who turned up for Elsieisy that day. You all are awesome. (Official pictures coming up soon) Watch out for “Hangout with Elsieisy” 2

For the event to take place I had to conquer so many forces and these forces I call ‘good intention people forces’. As much as I would love to mention everything I had to conquer, I sincerely can’t but will share my experiences as time goes on because the journey has just started.However, I am penning this down just to tell you the 3 words you already saw above – JUST DO IT. I don’t know what plans you have in mind, I don’t know what project you are working on, I don’t know what that seeming giant step you are hoping to take is but what I can tell you with all confidence is – JUST DO IT.Yes I had external forces that would have discouraged me from letting the event – Hangout with Elsieisy go through but the ones I had to battle from within were the more dangerous battle. Be convinced and determined in your heart that you are ready to pick up one project and follow through with it. Do not be distracted, do not break. Expect every form of disappointments from anybody and everybody while being very optimistic. When the battle from within is won then you can face every other external battles without conflict. Have these at the back of your mind though:When you have an idea, you definitely have to share it with somebody, usually 3 or more. Amongst these people, 3 sets are involved.

  1. The ones who will give you all the reasons why you can’t accomplish anything
  2. The ones who will give you the reason why you can.
  3. And the ones who will stand on the fence.

 However, you must have ears for them all, listen to every word that proceeds from their mouth because amidst all these words lies idea polishers. No man is an Island. No matter how fine an idea you have, you will need to bring them out to the real world. Ideas play beautiful in your head but the hard work and steps involved in making that idea a product/reality won’t play out in such beauty hence you must not let any polisher escape.Do not let any fine-tuning agent slip away just because you know this person is out to discourage you. Please listen and listen attentively even more attentively to the 1 & 3s.Finally, you need to have the discerning spirit. People don’t say what they mean; they don’t even act what they mean (until they can pretend no more).Watch people’s actions more than you listen to their words but watch closely, very closely. Defeat fear and just do it! Make that decision today, take that step and just start doing it. You will be glad you did at the end of the day.“When you take risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed and times when you fail and both are equally important” – Ellen Degeneres“Fear stops a lot of people. Fear of failure, of the unknown, of risk. And it masks itself as procrastination” – Lisa Anderson 

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