#WorldPoetryDay – Let My Mind Wander

#WorldPoetryDay - Let My Mind Wander

If I say am a lost courseThe Christians say of courseCoz I don’t believe in Jesus dieing on the crossTo save my soul which by then I haven’t lostIf I say I have a sinner’s soulThe Muslims say it is soCoz I don’t believe trimming of beards gon land me in hell or soI don’t like the idea of trinityNot because am a silly beingBut I sought after holy ghostYet I couldn’t get the spirit inWhere do they get the concept ‘belief’They talking about death forgetting we need to liveAnd they say pray, for prayer gives the answerWhy wouldn’t prayer cure someone that has cancerI question religion coz I feel I need to do soBut I can’t say there is no God even when I feel soThey said I am on a destruction laneBut my mind surely knows it waySo when it wanders, I never lose itAnd when it returns, they go against itQuestions for religions but none ever answeredHow did God get to exist I asked but they said am just a doubterSee in my mind I make perfect senseAnd you can’t tell me nothing elseSo spare me all your wondersAnd let my mind wander

Submitted by Magaret

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