Whispers In The Wind

The patient dog sickens by all sides

Contouring pains in patience anticipating the

Fattest bones.

The circle is made of wind, invincible –

By the way, time is framed between day and night

The seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years

Thus glorifies the existence of morning, afternoon, evening and night

Which all revolves in the circle of 12 and 24.

Life is a circle,

Time is the circle,

Whispers are like bells

Tolling on wedding days

Ringing on school days

Alarming on church days.

The beautiful scenery of the gathered clouds

Isn’t enough to get the chance of winning.

It could rain, it could erase

It could be hot nor cold

It could be a challenge;

Flood, Drought, Storm.

The wind carries all the messages

Needed to head and heed cautions

In it breeze, whispers

All day, time and place.

The patent dogs hears from all sides

Conjuring the ear(ers) to listen to

What the wind says with the gifts of

Fleshy bones.

by Tola Ijalusi

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