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by Phinesmiles 

Lay like the linoleum
Cover the angles
Glitter like sparks of the lantern fly
Your effect I feel and respect
You rise so early
Uncontestable tone thou have
Gradually you become
The harder you get the more I scream
Even at that the more you bang
Pricking very fast
Can I do with out thou?
I ask my self, if meekness would make u understand my plight
Gradually you get softer
Considering our emotions
Your release is a pour to me
All over it starts
Happy with this new you
Tender and chilling
Squeezing and romancing all
In no time
We see the green
Jubilation in the air
And harder you get again
Moving us and asset
We cry and plead
It’s goes on
Switching places
Covering and exposing us
We still love you though
But be simple and tender!
(C)  Phinesmiles

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