I am too soft hearted

I am too soft hearted - poetry on elsieisy blog

 By Akinmurele Samuel

I am too soft heartedConvinced with liesBought with talesTrapped with illustrationEnchanted with voodoo

I am too soft heartedIs being humble an offence?Is being friendly limited?Is being truthful zoned?Is being a believer wrong?

I am too soft heartedToo soft that the spear pierced through meToo soft that I believed love was blindToo soft that I committed my allToo soft that  I committed by allToo soft that I believed it happened for a reason

I am too soft heartedWhere did I lost it?What do I need to get back on track?Who baked me soft?Which route do I take from here?

I am too soft heartedThe Ex-me was as unbreakable like olumo rockThe Ex-me was as strong like a soldierThe Ex-me was not believing like ThomasThe Ex-me was sick to love like a  cold steel

I am too soft heartedCloses door to heartI am too soft heartedLust creeps in.

Image Source – evtoys.com

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