Words Deprived of

That moment is now shredded ;shredded in the rise and fall …On its own wounded banks ,oozing , ebbing , brushing againstrough and blackened sand … Once it desired to wear a blooming flowerbut in the clutches of time remained bud …Some known , unknown  palms havecompressed space around its existence …And the fertiliser miracle , deep withinlost its vigour to show magic reference … In an nth field of somber riches ,pieces of moments write thesis of luck …In an unexplainable wilderness ,fragments of moments search for lost riddle …Oblivious to conscious , some classy utterancesoccur to die deprived of remarkable nurture .. Flinging alone on an already out cast branch ,this moment is undoubtedly an out cast flower …The moment in the ages of untold wordsabout to grow a desert of blue flowers …On the soil , its petals , on divine order willinterprete whelmed dictation of destiny’spractical humour … Freshly fallen colours while changinghues and tones will sing bruised lamentnear crisp tragedy on the stage behindthe dust that tiny life forms can never recognise ever … (c) Blank Verse 

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