william poetry

By Afere David Akingbade (WriteousDavid)

 Finely buried beneath red gumIs my dentitionWhite like snow they areButWhen they rust like ironAnd glitters like bronzeWilliam…Will you? Black as coalIs the thread of my scalp?But when they wiltAnd swap for greyWilliamWill your fingersStill comb over my hair? Smooth without scarsAre my lipsButWilliam,Will your lips still smash mine?When they get bruisedWith aging wrinkles  Smooth like belly of a snakeIs the garment of my bone(flesh)But when it shrinksLike a worm plungedInto sea of ethanolWilliam…Will you? When my twin bosomsDeflates like punctured balloonAnd prostrates on my bellyWilliamTell me you will?Still seek warmth of my embrace When splendor of my beautyNo more appeal your gazeAnd charm of my femininityCasts no more bounding spellWilliamWill you still be willing?To love me unending…

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