Decanter Of Memories – 13


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 Prince Ari didn’t let me be, he kept disturbing me. I went to the stream one day and I found him there, I wanted to leave when he saw me. He told me that he still wanted me to be his wife and queen and I got so angry. I started walking away but he drew me back.

           “I want you” he said.

          “I don’t want you” I replied

          “That’s not for you to decide. I want you and that is final.”

I shook my head and stormed out. He didn’t try to stop me this time, he just laughed. I knew Prince Ari was a boomerang. I knew he was trouble but I didn’t know how to stop him.

           It was no longer news that Prince Ari was interested in me. The annoying Prince told anyone who cared to listen about me. I wish he never came to Ane, I was living peacefully. After a while I gave up and decided to marry him, it was the only way to get rid of Mason from my body and soul. One day, I was talking to Keria about it and she pleaded with me not to marry Prince Ari.

            “You will do no such thing” a voice retorted

I asked Keria if she heard the voice and she shook her head. She thought I was imagining things. When I looked forward, I squinted and beheld a woman.

            “Omo?” I asked.

            “No, someone who cares. Do not marry the prince. There is a certain Tena that stands to gain a lot from the union”

            “Something tells me you are Omo. Show yourself if you are not lying.” I said.

            “What good will it do? Do you know what Omo looks like? I doubt. Mason is alive and remorseful. He faked his death because he had your interest at heart.”

              It was a little dark so I could not even make out her clothes. Keria was just staring at me.

              “Do you talk to spirits when you are distressed?” she asked.

             “You mean you can’t see her.” I asked pointing at Omo’s direction.

             “There is no one there. Let’s leave.” Keria replied.

               I left reluctantly, Keria was so worried about me but I reassured her that I was fine. On getting to gran’s house I told her that I saw Omo but Oris (Gran) dismissed the idea

              “She is dead.”

             “So why am I here? I thought I was going to find her here.”

             “Your great grandmother can’t be alive.”

             “But I know for sure that Mason is alive and kicking.”

                                                                                                       Two centuries ago

             “Amei, I have come for a very important reason. Please hear me out. We are both going to benefit.”

             “I do not make deals with women.”

             “You are so rude.”

             “I am a god remember?”

             “Let’s see how you will destroy Ane without my interference.”

The lady walked away but Amei ran after her.

              “Spill your plan.” he ordered

              “I am no mortal so don’t threaten me”

Amei smiled and bowed mockingly

              “I am sorry your Excellency.”

              “That’s better” she replied with a glint of sarcasm.

Amei led her into a lake and orderd her to swim and the lady laughed.

 “You are forgetting something here my dear. I am Amei.”

 “What about it?” the lady asked.

 “I rule over water, water is my slave. I am her master, such a shallow memory for a beauty like you.”

She hissed and rolled her eyes at Amei.

             “Don’t do that again, you look so ugly when you do that.”

            “I am leaving, when you need me. Find me.”

Amei apologized with all seriousness. The lady seemed to accept his apology.

 “Ane’s future is so bright. We have to stop Ane. You hate Ane and I am sure you don’t want any good fortune coming his way.”

 “Woman! I am Amei.” Amei said, beating his chest “I am Ane’s older brother. I am superior.”

 “No you are not. Your descendants will never be as successful as Ane’s.”

Amei was angered he demnaded to know where the woman got that stupid idea from.

 “I am Tena, I am a diviner. I can also alter future events.”

Amei began to treat her with care and respect. Amei asked Tena to prove it to him that she wasn’t a phony.

  “Your first wife will die during child birth tomorrow.”

  “How dare you?” he asked.

 “I will be back after your wife’s death to discuss how Ane can be ruined.”

Just as predicted, Amei’s wife died and he was carrying her lifeless body when Tena strode in.

  “Shall we talk?” She asked.

“No! Get out you witch!”

 “A woman will be born, she will be named Omo. She will be one of Ane’s desendants. She will wreck your descendants. You have to stop her.”

Amei dropped his wife’s body to listen to Tena and this delighted her.

 “Your descendants will be anjes. Ane’s descendants will be normal, hale and hearty.”

 “Can we do anything to remedy this situation?”

“Omo will exterminate your descendants if not stopped. Might I add something?”

            “Yes” replied Amei.

            “Your descendants will be physically impeccable just like you. I will transfer the anje curse to Ane.”

             “So does that mean my descendants will be free from the anje curse?”

             “No Amei, you are the originator of this curse. It flows through your veins.”

             “So my descendants and Ane’s will be even?”

Tena nodded slowly. Amei asked Tena how she intended to do it and she told him that it was simple.

 “A curse, all I needed is your permission”

Amei asked Tena why she hated Ane so much.

  “I was cheating; he caught me in another man’s arms planning his death. Ane could not manage an infidel, how much more a murderer?”

  “The puzzle doesn’t fit. Why do you hate my brother so much?”

  “Ane got my worst enemy pregnant to get back at me. He ruined my marriage. I lost everything, my pride, dignity. So do you expect me to love and adore Ane?”

Amei told her to just kill Ane and forget about him

“No! You think death’s the perfect sentence? I think not. He should be alive to see his lineage in shambles. This is the perfect punishment. Sometimes death is too little a punishment”

               Amei and Tena became allies ever since. Unknown to them Ane knew of their plans. Tena did place a curse on Ane but the curse did not run it’s course. He waited patiently for Omo to be born but things did not go as planned, Omo was a lost cause so he had to resort to plan B.

Written  by Kezi Angela Patrick

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  1. This is really, really getting interesting. But why would Mason fake his own death. Well, I hope things get clearer soon. Well done author. Thanks for sharing Elsie

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