Nelson Mandela Tribute

IMMORTALS by Abel Iseyen Ancientman

Great men never die but sleep,For sleep is just a rest from labour.But even in sleep, their deeds journeys on,Gracing lives with interminable joy…

These men, to them, graves remains powerless,For they’re the sempervirent sky -Hovering above the esoteric earth.They’re the loamy soil – where plants find comforts.Yes, they’re the salt of the world!

Nelson Mandela TributeThese men, they’re the builders of Rome;The architects of Eiffel Tower;The painter of Monalisa – whose esoteric beauty speaks a million words.They’re the springs – quenching all thirst.They’re mentors of the new age.

Yes, there are men and there are men;For some live to dieWhile others die to live.These women, you can’t find them in tombsFor the gluttonous graves just can’t have it all! Selah

Awake from your slumber O my spirit!Renew my strength that I may find joy in my toils.Let me grow beyond the graves.That someday, in a distant time,When sleep finally embrace me, that I shall sleep to rise again.

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