Why do Married MEN go after young GIRLS?

Why do married men go after young ladies?

What’s with the insatiable attitude?

I know that surprised look on your face. Be calm, I know it’s a usual act nowadays, as long as they can be subtle enough. But my main issue lies with the married men that’s still hustling to feed their family and still wants to have extra marital affairs. For what?

That’s the height of stupidity.

You can’t provide three square meal for the wife and children you have as family and you want to add another burden? It baffles me.

I have been having so many married men hovering around me lately like bee to honey, so on this one particular occasion where I met a married man, I decided to play along. He looked fine and has a very clean ride, so hopefully I could chop a little money and bail (lol).

But then, I got the shocker of my life. I told the man that I needed some money to sort a couple of things. Immediately, he started by telling me his life issues without pausing. I had this mini heart attack look on my face, I wasn’t sure if the best thing would be to laugh, smile, frown or just remain mute.

Read his speech.

“Sweet heart, I know you need money, I know what I am supposed to do, you are beautiful and classy but the truth is, right now, I just paid my children’s school fee, gave my wife her monthly allowance and I am cash low now, but I will bounce back soon, just bear with me. I love you and I will take care of you.”


1. What is my business with your family issue?2. Who cares if you are paying school fee or giving your wife monthly allowance?3. Why will I endure with you? Do I look like your wife? Or do I look like someone who would want to settle for a second wife position?

It didn’t even end there, after about two days of blanking the man, he sent me an SMS asking me if what we have is just about money and if I don’t love him at all.huh

4. The regular use of the word ‘Love’ is frigging annoying.5. Why will a young lady accept to date a married man if it’s not because of money? What nonsense love is he expecting?6. Why will you be lusting after other women?7. Why try brainwash the local ones that get freaked out at sight of five thousand naira and a 4wheel on d road?

Dear men, cut your coats according to your sizes. If you must have extra marital affairs, work hard and make plenty money. The ladies that would be interested in you are only after the money. So you gotta treat her right to be treated right. Mind your family, take care of the woman you said ‘I do’ to and those lovely children.

Before you know it, you will meet one possessed girl that will use ileke (beads) to make you forget the lovely wife you have at home and collect everything you have.waist beads (ileke)I know some would say there are still girls that will jump at the peanuts they offer, but the truth is, those are the kind of girls that would give you STDs , get pregnant for you and cause trouble for you in your family.

Beware and wise.

Stay faithful! Don’t come give us the sorry story of how you are having issues with your wife. Young couple mad at each other homeGo back home and settle whatever it is.

Your wife was as hot as the ones you running after now and remember you have a daughter too. Teach your wife to dress the exact way those girls dress. abi? or what else is enticing you?

Is it the body shape? Pay for her gym section.

There are some men sef that has a woman that can be classified as Miss World in the house, but they still cheat. What do we call those ones?

I guess the cheating thing is synonymous to HIV. Communicable and No cure!

Be wise!

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  1. My friend my friend…………..lmao….wat a topic to discuss!! U c concerning d 1z dat don’t hav moni dey jst want dat life e dey happn!!!! But rili u can’t blame d married men whose wives work round d clock come bac home tired nd doesn’t hav tym 4 d kids nt to tlk of d man,wen dere is 1 hot chick dat is redi to giv him evry day. They use d L word to make d babes feel safe but sum na gbef wey go chop nd sum actuali love d men too tho…..nt all marriages r successful nw adays nd dats a distraction point for d sober 1z….but I think most of dem jst neva enjoyed life while dey were single so want to enjoy it nw wen dey r married nd hav d moni to spend. Sum pple get married 4 d wrong reasons which make d marriage weak! Nd d ileke babes tho lol….we kno a couple of dem dat hav takin ova d marriage dey r nw 1st wives sef! Nd rili nt all married men rili cheat dey jst need sum1 wit a young hrt who is intellectually sound who dey can hav a comfortable stress-free chat/talk wit…….God wil hlp awa husbands nd d wives sef shld do their part rite o biko cos wen d guys start cheatin or tlkin to sum1else its d girl dey wil call names instead of tlkin to their husbands…..wil drop d remaining comment l8r!! Lol

  2. Nice one dear,God bless your brain. In my opinion,men don’t cheat because they want to…they cheat cos they need to. Its in their Gene/DNA/system. Well am not against any man having extramarital affair,its been happening since and will continue to happen,but a man who want to do such should take care of his home first…cos a man who can’t satisy his family can never satisfy his concubines,no two ways abt it. Am out!

  3. Well, married men will always wanna date single ladies, abi you want them to run after another man’s wife ni? the issue is, single girls should stop dotting on these married men as if there is a dearth of single men!

  4. My thoughts are simple, it’s pure greed be it man or woman.I find it funny though, young girls are actually the ones that find older men more appealing… it is a general assumption that married men are nicer and more responsible, so they love nice and responsible, it’s an emotion driven thing. A normal young blood will not explain the way ur sugar bobo did explained his plight in this essay, he will just tell you “I’m broke”.My above assumption is proven though, girls that see me with my Godson seems to be friendlier when I tell them he’s my son…they stick around and want to know more… Going spiritual init, there is always a transfer of energy and that young energy is so required…this has noin to do with jax…it’s naturally occurring during sexual exercises.

  5. ah! I wear ileke o -_- ………… men will always be men, it is just annoying when married men believe that all girls prefer to date them cos there are no expectations from the girl in terms of commitment.

  6. Hmmmmmm. What a write up and wonderful comments…..i will just ask.,if you as a young guy enjoys SEX a lot from your gal and after marriage she becomes that “heavy complain” type that won’t even wanna ride your dick as she use to do then just because of some kneels issue and all……won’t you wish to have what you use to have before marriage.I’m not trying to justify the Men but I’m trying to let it known that if a woman keeps her “HOME” well.,the man won’t run after any other lady out there.But finally……distraction elongate human life and nobody deserves to die young. *pickrace*

  7. Extramarital sex and affairs are used to fill voids in the life of most people. Men are not naturally monogamous. We have evolved with high testosterone levels and through polygamous societies before the institution of marriage was made for one man and one woman. In cave man days if we didn’t have multiple partners the human race would have died out. Staying faithful in this era where sex is easy to get is a struggle for most men, it has to be learned and the urges fought in an everlasting battle. The question is do men have real connections with these girls the mess with? How many men leave their wives for side chicks? For a lot of men it is just sport, these women on the side are nothing more than roadkill to make the man feel alive because the routine of marriage easily leads to boredom. And make no mistake about it, the girls are just as guilty for cooperating. It’s just how it is, most guys will slip, some manage to stay faithful. And let’s not forget for some odd reason women love a man that already has a woman. I notice whenever I’m in a relationship girls seem to want me all the more. Marriage is hard work oh, the thing no easy.

  8. Hmmm…I think they do it for the lust and nothing more but the girls get paid as well. But in your own case, the man in question just don’t know what he’s getting to. The game is lucid and simple; Get them paid and have them all.@Loopscard: Are an Anthropologist? Some interesting points there “Extramarital sex and affairs are used to fill voids in the life of most people. Men are not naturally monogamous. We have evolved with high testosterone levels and through polygamous societies before the institution of marriage was made for one man and one woman…”.Elsie, great work!; I’d fun reading through your narrative; I really give it to you for sharing a first-hand experience, from you to us.Cheersff @gbengalite

  9. Loooool…. Why am I just seeing this now? Anyways I think married people should never cheat. People who date married people disgust me too, because they are willing participants who have no regard for another person’s family. Meh

  10. I won’t lie, I liked this. It’s simple, if you are looking for someone to listen to your sob stories and support you, face the woman who promised to and keep her happy. Otherwise cough up the money to support your distraction, it’s not rocket science. And wives, if you catch your man cheating, pour your anger on the person who promised to be faithful to you not on the single girl, she doesn’t owe you anything.

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