Fornication and Adultery



Have you ever wondered why fornication is called FORNICATION and Adultery is called ADULTERY?ย THINKING

According to a funny friend of mine, he says, ‘Fornication is for children, while Adultery is for adults’.



So it is necessary to do the things that are meant for children when you are still a kid and leave the adult things for adults.

He also says he is very sure that the tree Eve ate from in the Garden of Eden is called ADUL-TREE.

Hehehehe, I was as stunned as you are right now, but then, what can I say? Logical right?

What do you think? (PLEASE DROP A COMMENT BELOW)

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  1. Adul-tree! Hmmm. I ws actually looking forward to knowing more abt both words. It is something that has always been shady to me.

    1. Adultery is sex with another woman or man when married, fornication is sex outside wedlock with any woman or man, you don’t have to be married to commit fornication, but you must be married to commit adultery. Gbam

  2. What I know is that fornication is a sexual act used for unmarried people while adultery is a sexual term used for married people …….that’s the little I know.thanks.

  3. Fornication is an illegal way of solving konji issues in unmarried people while Adultery is an illegal way of solving konji issues in married people… LMAO!!!! This Elsie ehn!!!

  4. both words have similar meaning, and they are all sin before God..But to me if I may ask which one of them is tolerable btw Fornication and Adultery.. A married man/woman that commits adultery should be well dealt with than the teenagers/youth that commits fornication…I rest my case>>>

    1. We know they all sin before God. And the good thing is, there’s no small or big sin. Ye that commiteth fornication and ye that commiteth adultery + even ye that lied, na same o. TGIF

  5. Lmao…..I agree wit fragiletimbz jare!!!!!! I come dey scroll down dey find post ni sha!!*sigh* y is it call masturbation nd y is it sex nko?

    1. Hehehehehe I smell conspiracy. . I will research on that one and get back to you. Loool

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