My own inside review on BOKOHARAM

The fight against this Terrorist group popularly known as BokoHaram concerns every good citizen of Nigeria. We shall do our bits in other to win this battle with the help of God almighty. But, proper information is a vital key to winning this battle.

Below are analysis from an anonymous source (Insider).nigerian army

A few reasons why BokoHaram gained the upper hand over Nigeria and some facts about BokoHaram :

1. The government misunderstood BokoHarram to be a Northern conspiracy against a South-South president. They forgot that the first uprising was in 2009 when Yar’Adua was still president. It may be too late for us to wait to find out after a South-south president, when BokoHaram would not stop their attacks.

2. BokoHaram was underestimated by Nigeria and her government; many facts pointed to that and one of which is the attempted negotiation with the sect.

3. Our security men on the field are not well motivated to fight the sect and they do not trust the government to be void of complacency.

4. Corruption and insincerity on the part of the government in the fight against BokoHaram.

Facts that we must accept to begin an effective war against BokoHaram:

1. BokoHaram is a terror organization and one of the tactics of every terror organization is deceit. They trick their targets with false claims so they do not understand their true nature and origin, so the fight against them can either be impossible or difficult.

2. Terrorist organizations do not dialogue, though they may pretend to in an attempt to deceive their target.

3. Terrorists have only one goal and that is to cause terror. Their satisfaction is in killing, maiming, and causing pain to their target.

4. Terrorists have no religious or tribal loyalties. When they pretend to do, they only aim to deceive their target and gain an upper hand.

5. One of the weapons of terrorism is to cause disunity among their target and weaken their resistance.

6. The same way we have international NGOs and organizations who are investing money to make the world a better place is the same way we have international terrorists that are investing their money to make the world a bitter place and terrorize humans.

7. International terrorists are investing in BokoHaram and causing terror in Nigeria

8. BokoHaram has declared war against Nigeria and the only way to stop them is to unite and fight back we must diagnose our sickness and identify it before we get a cure. It is dangerous to have Typhoid fever and be treating malaria.

To an ordinary Southerner, BokoHaram is the creation of northern elites to make the Jonathan’s administration ungovernable. To an ordinary Northerner, BokoHaram is the creation of the Jonathan-led government in order to decimate the population of northerners and to destroy their economy. But to BokoHaram there is no distinction between northerner and southerner or Muslim and Christians. Their goal is to cause terror and their target knows no such bounds. Those who are asking the government for money to talk to BokoHaram over dialogue are just trying to take advantage of our pains to exploit the government and the people. There is nothing to talk about. BokoHaram is a terrorist group. The only thing we can do is to stop them

The problem facing the Army in North East might go beyond comprehension, Soldiers and their Officers are deployed in pockets. Some Location are blessed with 20 Soldiers while others have 30 depending on how volatile an area is. However they are deployed, they are most times been overpowered by the BokoHaram. When as many as 2000 Bokoharams come with sophisticated weapon to attack a town that is only blessed with 30 soldier, they are most times overpowered because the number of the insurgency outweigh theirs.

Nigeria will do well if she can employed more hands in the fight against insurgency in the Country. Recruit more hands & equip them with the modern days & serviceable fighting weapon.

On #BringBackOurGirls We all  need to understand that the abducted girls are now “Hostages”. The aim of BokoHaram is to use these girls for the safety of their men, knowing that the Military cannot attack their camps while those girls are still with them. The Military cannot use maximum power because we might end up losing them to fire power. The only workable tool here might be “Hostage Negotiation”. We all are human and we feel your pains. we will do our best to bring them back.

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  1. This nation is on the brink of war, and it is quite unfortunate that our president is not tactical and sound. We must fight this war when we can, else.. We can only pray for Nigeria 2 survive……….They have hijacked another bus today… Girls too… Quite sad.

  2. I’m yet to come to terms with the soldiers motivation part if the unfolding drama… in weaponry or salary. I think that part of the argument so far is a demonic distraction… War is the business of the military so they need further motivation to defend a country they swore to defend in time of peace or war. Our greatest motivation at this moment should be bring Nigerian, civilizian or military… that’s the part our politicians are missing, they are more PDP &APC than Nigerian. The role of the military is to defend a nation and the biggest and weakest link in the Nigerian military today is the commander in chief, he lacks the spine to command his men.. that is the motivation the military lacks.. Nigeria has more army than Shekau.. wherever he’s hidding with his men his but a portion of a state in Nigeria that can never be populated like the state in itself. Shekau is not stronger than our military, his purpose, pedigree and resolve are just bigger and that is what we need to conquer to win…We must be ready to win our common enemy even if he’s likeli a tool in the hand our our politicking rulers

  3. Let not keep talking about this issue of Boko-Haram here and there, let all join hands together to beg MR President to leave the sit for them. Without that, this killing will not stop. I can stand any where to say this that is not only Boko-Haram that is the enemy of this Nation, we have some other devil’s agents that no one knows; all we see and talk about is Boko-Haram. God heal our Country… God Bless Nigeria…

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