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what women want

Hey darlings! Sorry i have been lagging behind on our relationship discussion and i promise to make up for it. I hope i am forgiven? … Thank you. We had an article on What men want written by Paul A (@paulpayfresh).

Most people agreed with the article, some said there has to be more and others were indifferent. Click here to read and maybe add to the qualities by dropping your comment on that.

So i got two versions of what women want. I think the ladies are even more confused than the men. Here’s the first. Read and tell what you think. Enjoy


I still do not understand why a woman should write on a topic as complicated as this, more confusing is why it should be me. :DNow I am assigned the duty to pass across information that I haven’t even answered to personally so I took my time to think, put myself in the shoes of different ladies and guys as well  and personal experience(s) to write on WHAT WOMEN WANT!

What do women really want from life and relationship alike?

Many of us are familiar with the acronym (www) to mean the World Wide Web. It can also pass for What Women Want (www) which goes to say that not even the wide knowledge of the web have been able to discover that ONE thing a woman want.

A woman cannot want one thing, whatever she wants comes before or after something (Open to deliberation and I stand to be corrected if I am wrong)

So I also ask myself, what do we women really want? Let’s take a ride through this.

* You see a pretty lady keeping more than one guy. All the guys has got same qualities tall, handsome, rich, good sense of fashion and all the ‘swags’ and class that is expected of a modern guy. Then you get confused like seriously! All guys same characteristics.What do women want?

*If he is so mean, arrogant, aggressive, domineering and all the men-ish attitude, she complains and wish it were the other way round, then if he cares ‘stupidly’ and adores the ground she walks on, she considers him a weakling and wants to take advantage of the guy because more often than not, she automatically want to boss the affair of the relationship.What do women want?

*Educated with all a good white collar job, an orator when he talks but a diplomat. Why am I trying to give stinginess a baptismal name, I mean the guy is so stingy but asides that, he compliments you in all ways when you go out. The babe will sit and wish that if only the guy is open handed not minding his nonsense English speaking rubbish. Wetin she wan use english do? Its all about the benjamins joor.  At the other side of the fence is a lady with a pure Nna bros that showers her with all the good things of life yet she wish her man was educated not wanting the cash side of him.Hmmm…… What do women want?

*Many a times you hear babes say the higher the level of promiscuity in a man, the better the bedmatic action *wink*. Yet those same babes turn around to complain about the uncontrollable womanizing nature of her man.What do women want?

You don’t want to tell a babe to describe her ideal man. Hahahaha…… Trust me you will laugh your heart out as to how confused she is. Or if she gives you the reason(s) as to why she broke up with that nice guy.

Guys I have to reveal this,,,, babes am sorry if I broke the babes code 001. Dudes do you know ladies have strategized a funny though sometimes true means of knowing if her guy has been faithful prior to the time they are meeting and the last time they met. Well it is assumed that if a guy stay longer than expected during sex, then that means he has been having regular sex. Ironically, a lady will deliberately end her relationship with a guy because he is not capable of satisfying her in bed. Wow right? I know.What do women want?

The list is endless…. I wish I could keep going on but I am also confused as to what I want to. Shameful you may say, but I owe no one an apology because I am a woman, and a proud one at that.

Millie Ibe @millieibe

What do you think? Please comment your reserve 😉

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    1. Yes o. Attention and care are inevitable. But we talking of the qualities that makes a woman decide that Mr. A’s Attention and Care is what she wants to settle for

    1. True. But how many truly falls for the God fearing men? Women love the bad guys you know

  1. Make love to her genuinely, love her genuinely and take good care of her genuinely(you should be realizing a minimum of N50k per month to achieve all of this though) then the answer is not all about “What she wants”, the question will now be “Why should I pick this guy?”…Bottom line, exquisite women wants everything…just give her a reason to pick you among the rest. Remember I said exquisite!-MrLAL

    1. Nice. But 50k won’t do much in this Nigeria. Except you talking 50k dolls. …..it wasn’t me

  2. With age n maturity, d preference of a woman changes. By then, its nt about d goos looks, swags, physique, does amongst others. The major thing den is attention, compatibility n care. Ask many women not girls what their dream men were, u would laff ur ass out. So in my opinion, all dis changes with age n maturity. Ps nt old ppl get sense. Hence y I added d maturity bit. Xx

  3. okay like seriously yeah..even if there was a book on ‘understanding women’ i think people would go to their graves before they finish chapter one..lol..truly what women want..longgggg..it’s this list that never ends.oh please check out my blog too..www.mchantella.blogspot.com..:) thanks

  4. Well, the lady who wants a set of a particular attribute of man should either hav what the man is looking for or at least hav what he is lookin for in a man. You can’t say u need a caring man when u dont….

  5. Your humorous take on the complexities of what women want is refreshingly relatable. Your insights shed light on the intriguing intricacies of desires and preferences. It’s a fun exploration of the human heart’s nuances. Thanks for sharing this entertaining and thought-provoking piece!

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