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Hey Elsians,

How are you today? Over the weekend (Saturday to be precise) I went live on Facebook for the first time, inspired by boredom and PHCN frustration, laced with generator wahala. It was definitely fun for me. I was live for about 33minutes and I made its purpose as simple as a question and answer session – Ask me any question and I will be sincere with my answers.

I was asked this particular question – what drives you? Though I responded, it got me thinking…what drives me? Why do I keep going? Why haven’t I given up?

It will be easy for me to say Money. We all think all we do in life is to get money or that money is the most important reward. While I cannot dispute the importance of money and how much of it I need right now, there is more. You realise there is more when what you do doesn’t give you as much money as should, as expected or as needed but you keep at it. You keep going, you keep doing, you are consistently pushing…

If I say I strive to be the best, I wonder what I will be the best at. There are so many bests out there with no driving force. They are not driven. They are simply existing and counting down to the end. What will I be the best at? Blogging? Hosting a show on radio and TV? Creating content? Promotions? Social media training? Strategizing? Project management? Ranting? There are so many bests out there. Yes I aspire to be good at what I do, I want to be the best version of me but is that all there can be to drive me.

Power and fame? Fair enough, but where does it end? Do I possibly want to be the most powerful woman on earth?

Passion? Yes I am passionate about what I do. My passion for the things I do keeps me going even when money, recognition, fame, power and all other rewards are not visible. I am passionate about touching lives with my simple way of life and existence. I am passionate about seeing people happy and fulfilled.

I value my peace of conscience and happiness. Life is too short to entangle myself with something or anything that will take away my joy and happiness.

Above all, I am holding on to God’s promises. For I know his will for me are always of good and never of evil. He will provide all my needs according to his riches in glory. I am never alone and this path I walk has been created by him for my greatness. All I need to do is stay happy and trust the master planner.

What are you passionate about? Are you happy? Whatever it is you do, develop a passion in it. Love yourself, love your existence, live, have faith and be happy.  Be sure to be driven by something within. Be satisfied with the thoughts of you being enough. You are enough…

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