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Have you tried doing something new, entering a new phase in life or taking a first step no matter how small it seems? Did you try speaking to anyone and anybody for advice? How many did you get – both solicited and unsolicited advice? Have you noticed how all you seem to get are the bad sides? They give you all the disadvantages in HD details but not the advantages. And even when they try to tell you some of the advantages, you don’t see the excitement, and they don’t give you details neither is it very attractive.

Could it be that we hardly appreciate the good parts of our struggles? Do we let go of the bigger pictures which are often time, embedded in the things we consider small.

This post was inspired by the image below sent to me by a friend asking if I was ready. I asked her what I should be ready for and she said she was asking if I was ready to have kids.

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I am sorry *wink*

I mean, of all beautiful pictures of babies, children, mother and child, children photoshoot pictures and more on the internet, the above picture is the only one she thought of sharing with me in preparation for child birth. Doesn’t that say something about how we are?

Why not talk to me about those days when the only joy you had the whole day was looking at the smile on your child’s face? What about holding her in your arms for the first time? The bond? Hearing your child utter his or her first word? Knowing there is a bond between you and your baby? The joy in taking the first step? The beauty their innocence exhumes?

Why do we focus on just the idea of cleaning poops and buying expensive baby foods? How about how happy you are doing those things?

It is same when you want to start a new business, hold an event, achieve a goal, etc.

Or is it when you want to get married? That gets me. You hear things like – “you have to endure…endure o…and be patient. Without endurance and patience, your marriage will crumble. It is not easy o…hmmm…marriage is not easy at all. It is very difficult. He will cheat on you…just over look and endure…blab la bla”. How about sharing the good parts in details and telling us of the bad part passively. They put fear in your heart thereby planting doubt in your marriage.

As much as I support knowing how rough the road can get, I believe it is necessary we share more of the good than the evil. Share the advantages as much as you share the disadvantages. That you did it means other persons can, with the right frame of mind and attitude. We will go through our separate journeys no matter how you try to shape them. We will make mistakes, learn from them and come out stronger. This is how we get experienced.

I know they say bad news travels faster, but we can consciously help spread the good news, even by the way we react to news/content on the internet.

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