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I am not quite sure how these things are counted so I will just say this is the 2nd/3rd week of January 2020. This being my first blog post for the year, I would love to say – “Welcome to my 2020 shenanigans”. I however, promise to be more consistent. At least, you will get a post written by me, on this blog, weekly. So help me God!

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For me, this year is the year to try and make more of this thing called money, have plenty fun (whatever that means) to my satisfaction, travel more and make as much impact as I can through my influence as a Media Personality.  I know you may have written down some goals for the year; I just hope you are working to achieve them all. However, please do not lose yourself in chasing a certain future. Always remember that you live your future every time you get the gift of life. There is no special future somewhere, you are living it already, so make sure you don’t wake up 10-20years from now regretting your decisions or indecisions. Try as much as possible to balance life to avoid regrets.

Elsie Godwin on the set of Tea Time on Plus TV Africa
Elsie Godwin on the set of Tea Time on Plus TV Africa

When I was younger (definitely before I turned 18), I was so sure I would finish having babies at 30. LOL…In retrospect, I find my naivety about life, at the time, extremely funny. Little did I know life had a different plan for me. Guess what, I am 30, not married, not even in a relationship but one thing is definitely working – my career. Is it working excellently well? I will personally say NO! (some people will say I am wrong, I tend to not see my own strength like others do) but I am enjoying the journey and learning from it.

Life doesn’t work out for us exactly as we planned it. We are either disappointed in self, someone, our career, family or even God. We question every step of the way, forgetting even the things that are working, overlooking the little progress we make daily. One thing is certain, when you look back at where you were five years ago and where you are now, if you are being sincere, you will see the progress – you have been laying bricks (no matter how slow) consistently and you now have some or most of the things you prayed for/wished you had, five years ago.

The interesting part of it all has to be the understanding that everything comes with responsibilities and as you grow, your responsibilities grow as well. Even for the most selfish person on the universe, with more comes more responsibilities and bigger goals. It never stops, so You are solely responsible for what you can get, what you take, what you sustain, what you give and what you let go. You are responsible for the energy around and within, you are responsible for your own happiness.

What am I driving at? Its simple. While life plays its games, don’t let it play your mind. If you have set out goals for yourself this year, then I want to believe they are somewhat tied to your hard work and trajectory from the past years. And if you did not, its totally fine to live each day as it comes. On either side of the table you find yourself, make sure you work smart, recognize opportunities; seize them and be truly happy. We are all selfish one way or the other and like I have said in my previous posts, I do not believe in unconditional love or unconditional loyalty. The world is at a place where even your best friend will let you go if you do not add some form of value, no matter how mundane the value might seem. Everything is moving fast and you must catch up. Don’t be left behind, be selfish when necessary but be humane. Improve daily, be better.

Once again, welcome to the only place you may be able to find out what really goes on in my head and how I see life. Let’s see how much I will be willing share this year.

Thank you for reading


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