AUDIO – Baby Mama/Papa, What do you think?

chuHalo Loves. Its a Thursday and you know what I do on Thursdays. For the new comers (visitors), I let out a version of me (picture of me) and talk about something and I expect to get feedback from you by sharing your view with us all in the comment box.

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  1. this is a very tricky question tho…… for me, it depends on a number of things; Age of the child(ren), marital status of the baby mama, maturity of the guy and the baby mama and all that….. also, were they married? I would consider these and more.

  2. Well, for me it depends on a lot if things l. If the baby mama and the other man has nothing going on between them again 2. If the child accepts me to be his father(not really biological). This depends on how old the child is though but aside from these things Yes I can marry the person but truly I would want to marry my own woman(tam tam) not a left over .

    1. so she is ‘left over’ cos she has a child? lol. if that’s the way you see it, then the other instances you gave doesn’t hold waters. your answer is a definite ‘NO’

  3. Wow, these comments have got me eyes wide open. Really? Abeeegi,there ain’t nothing to it joor, how u sure ur tam tam babe hasn’t aborted a million babies b4?Once you love him/her n your family can accept him/her, there ain’t no issue there joor

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