‘Effective communication in relationships’ with Onuora Onianwa

Open, honest communication should be part of every healthy relationship. No matter how much love exist in a relationship, without proper communication, both parties will drive such relationship to its end. There is also every need to find out what mode of communication works for you both. Chatting via bbm or whatsapp might do the trick for my partner and I while phone calls and emails does it better you some other couples. The important thing is not the mode of communication rather having communicated and continuous communication. As much as understanding matters in a relationship, the most understanding man/woman will be left confused and disturbed if there be a communication barrier. Onuora Onianwa will be teaching us effective communication in relationships. Find out when you are truly communicating and when you are simply dating yourself or rather, communicating with yourself. Onuora Onianwa is a Graphic Designer and the CEO Of Jedaime Signatures. He combines his job with his passion for writing, public speaking, personal development and social entrepreneurship.He’s spoken at several programmes, especially aimed at youth development.Onuora offers limited personal coaching, design tutorials and business consultation.He’s a fervent lover of computer games, the colour blue and shawarma.Onuora will be speaking at the Hangout with ElsieisyHangout with ElsieisyDATE: 12 September 2015Venue: Ethnic Heritage, 35A, Raymond Njoku street, Ikoyi, Lagos.Click here to registerAnyone who wishes to contact Onuora can do so. See his contact details below:BB Pin; JedaimeEmail: clayspeaking@gmail.comFacebook; Onuora Onianwa. 

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