Marriage and Surname (Maiden names)

There are different reasons why people get married likewise different criteria to choose a spouse. Such as height, complexion, looks, attitude, composure, temperament, zodiac signs, eating habit, sexuality, exposure, managerial skills, compatibility, ideas, ambition, tolerance, carriage, contentment, spirituality, love, selflessness, humility, charitable, and etc.

If I decide to write on how I want my Mr. Right Compatible to look and act then I am quite sure I would start sounding confusing at some point. But do you ever try to add your boyfriend/fiancé’s name to yours just to see how well it sounds? Yes, I know I can be weird…duuuh!

Of course the surname has nothing to do with who you end up with and you can decide not to have your husband’s surname, thanks to Chimamanda. However, I do think about it. You know every lady imagines happily ever after with any guy she feels that special something for, don’t try to deny. We all do until the fuck up happens or one dirty side of the so called guy pops up and we are like, ‘unto the next one abeg’.

So tell me you have not thought about you being called ‘Mrs. ‘Ishigwuzo”, Mrs. Aiyebaje, Mrs. ‘Sawyer’ or Mrs. IfaGbemileke and you didn’t cringe inside of you…Not all names are horrible sha, but you get my drift. There are names that are not just sweet to you even if they have nothing wrong or diabolic attached to it.

I would not mention those surname of people I have come across that made my tummy rumble because almost all of them are my readers – open and hidden fans (I am awesome like that) , neither will i mention the names that made me smile over and over again 😉 but I would like to ask; (Please feel free to comment anonymous).

Dear Ladies, share with us that surname that made you see him even more as your knight in shining armor or the name that made you say, ‘which kain life be this sef?’.

Dear men, if you have that kinda surname, please share with us and if you don’t, comment your awesome surname. Just maybe I would send you a mail and this marital arrangements can begin sharply (This is an open proposal now o).

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  1. Interesting and hilarious post. But you are making a lot of sense. If I was a lady, I would rather marry a Tunde Smith than a Idongesit Akpan. #JustSaying then as regards that open proposal, my surname is Johnson.

    1. LMAO @Idongesit Akpan. Is Idongesit a real name? \nJohnson sound cool..uhmmm *thinking

  2. This is very interesting I remember doing this twice in a relationships and I’m yet to get a ring I think its jinking the relationship my last name is long I would rather a cute surname like…. wright Jones James ….now don’t those name sound so good with Nicole

  3. this is so true i have actually tot about this o…who doesn’t want a surname like smith and all..Just imagine the ring to it now..Chantel Smith or Chantel Williams..infact lets not even go

    1. hahahahaha, chantel William will be nice, lemme goan call William Moore for you, you can bear his own name sef. lol

  4. This is interesting. Lol. I can’t even deny it if I try. I’ve done it. My first boyfriend’s surname Nwatuorocha; Tanya Nwatuorocha hehe. Loved d surname cos I loved him. But no doubt Tanya Moore sweet for mouth (´⌣`ʃƪ)

    1. hohohohohoho @Nwatuorocha, whatever that means. Lmao. Tanya Moore, oh cool, i will divide William Moore between you and Chantel

  5. Elsie, e be like say you dey look for trouble with this surname issue. Lol. My surname happens to be one of those with a strange meaning. In its origin its actually a traditional title which was adopted as the family name. Why my great grandfather decided this was a wise choice I’ll never know. Ok, I know you’re itching to know the meaning. In Hausa, the name Shamaki means “custodian or keeper of the King’s horses”. I was teased a lot in school for having this name. Oddly enough, there seems to be some practical use to having such a name. I’m naturally gifted when it comes to riding and catering for horses. Plus the ladies think its a nice sounding name. Lol.

  6. Lmaaoo…hilarious. I hated the surname buh I didn’t care cos I loved him, lol! But nw am back to hating it and him, it’s a calabar name Mrs Akpaikpe lol Haaa..

  7. Very interesting post.Elsie, you have reminded ladies to add posh surname to their ever-growing checklist for ‘9 yards of husband material’. Lol

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