“I Can’t believe this is all happening so soon. I was thinking I would be getting married in about 3 years time” Tola said with a timid smile

“I sure can’t allow a woman of your kind pass me by. Throw all your fear away love, I know people say lots of things about marriage that can get one scared, I was scared at some point too, but baby, this is our world. We would make it what we want it to be. I promise to love and stand by you all the way” Tejumola replied as he massaged Tola’s forehead with a soft kiss. He then pulled her gently into his arms and hugged her.”When do you think we should go shopping?” Tejumola asked.”Whatever day you choose is fine by me TJ” she replied and she broke the hug and made for her blackberry.

“You and this your phone. I’m jealous oh…you are just too addicted. Who are you chatting with while am here. We have few minutes to spend together before I leave for the airport. Please drop this phone.” Tejumola said in a passive and persuasive tone.”Baby I’m not chatting, I’m on Twitter, checking my mentions. Who would I be chatting with when you are here?” She said while still focused on her phone.

Tejumola sits opposite her, watching how engrossed she was with the phone with so much smile on her face”I should open a twitter account to see what’s making my woman smile this much not minding my presence. Whenever she picks up this phone, its twitter.” TJ Thought…

“My flight is for 7pm and that’s 2 hours from now, we should head to the airport. Don’t want to miss my flight” Tejumola said.”Yes love, I’ll be done in a minute” Tola said, finally looking up to give Tejumola a plea look.

Tola posted some tweets as fast as possible”Can’t believe this is happening, I love my man”

“Wedding bells”

“You all will be invited, don’t worry”

“I’m so glad my man isn’t part of this twitter people…can’t deal”

Beaming with so much Joy, she exits twitter, got set to drop Tejumola off at the airport.It was a sweet ride as usual with plenty gist, teasing and comment on almost everything and anything they could see.Tejumola boarded his flight while Tola drove back home.

Tejumola called immediately he settled in the hotel room. They talked for a while then Teju asked “what will you be doing before sleep gets you?””I’ll just tweet a bit, I’m already feeling sleepy” Tola replied”Okay love, I’ll talk to you in the morning before the meeting. I love you baby””I love you more boo” Tejumola hung up

He reached for his phone then searched for twitter on google, he followed the first result and opened an account. Just like every newbies on twitter, he had no idea of how twitter works and wasn’t going to ask Tola. He wanted to surprise her with a full knowledge of how twitter works when next they see.

“I have google here, I should be able to get whatever information I want online, twitter won’t be an exception”

He searched for “how twitter works” and trust the search engine, he got all kind of tutorial on how twitter works. From videos to written. He learnt what followers and following is, what the @ sign is used for, the hashtag, what it means for a thing to trend and all. Tejumola is a very intelligent man, so it took him about 20minutes to fully understand all these

“Now I should relax with this twitter thingy before going to bed too, Tola won’t believe I now have a twitter account”

Knowing he has no followers or following, he went straight to the trend icon, saw different trending topics.Being an Arsenal fan, he clicked on #Arsenal, read all through the tweets, at these point he was really laughing out loud.”No wonder Tola is so addicted to this twitter thing”He saw other trending topics, just then he saw one Trend that changed his life forever “#twitpicyourCleavage”……… He went through the tweets, enlarged pictures. With his hormones roaring, so many things were going through his mind and organs at the same time.

Just as he opened the fifth picture….it was … It was… “Tola!” TJ Screamed.. “DaF****”. Unfortunately, Tola didn’t understand the word “CLEAVAGE”, she had her face, boobs and tummy trending……..


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha, #Dies, #Dieing, #deading\nNice one boo, u sure won’t come take over literature while I do CS\nKeep up\nI’ll comment 5times if u want

  2. disgusting thing to do,posting nude pictures or video’s on the internet for other guys to get of on. It’s not right and shouldn’t be classes as human nature.

  3. Lmaooooooooooooooo!!!I think this is my best post yet! Na God catch am….shebi he was ogling other ppl’s babes too. Shior!!! This was definitely worth breaking my sleep……(Y)

  4. Wow! Its happens sha! Ehhhe madam what of the continuation of a guys dilemma! No dey carry me play Oo˚˚°º‎​h! Better get busy, I hate to be kept waiting ehhh albino!

  5. LMAO…. See Gobe ooo!!! Lol. This social network craze sha. Anyway, If I were in TJ’s shoes, the marriage is definately off shikena. cos its a totally dumb action to upload your nude pictures on social networks

  6. Twitter. My lovely Twitter. Someone once tweeted “I’d rather not date a woman on Twitter.” God knows I understood what he meant. Let’s just be wise. Twitter has ruined too many “unions.” By the way, if you love me, delete your Twitter. *strawberry kisses*

  7. *rolz to Tokyo* lmao! Well I so wasn’t cool with that TT. Said a Couple of things against it and boooom!! The irresponsible ones began to attack me. This may just be a story, but the fact remains that no Dude, I repeat no dude, will want to take girls like that serious.

  8. LOL…. That got me laughing….. Points for the writer though, you sort of rushed to end the story…. I would have loved to say other things, but I won’t rain on your parade… Funny ending still.

  9. Wonder why he is surprised? Social media itsel has its toll on relationships…. Mine was more like being stalked as my every move was monitored and tweets ,questioned!!! \n\nGuess he should call her to order of find.out how slutty she is…

  10. Hmmmm, this is interesting but unfair. Well it a lesson to @all! better to keep away from all such evil tot even if one has a twitter account it not meant for posting such nudes pix but at least life experiences pix, touching once e.t.c for people to learn from or share there own info about it…. For me it a sad one for the Guy, just take heart TJ.

  11. Elsie mo!!!!!!! 😀 LMAO!!!!!!!! *chai… What kinda dumb girl is that? Wedding plans are over!!! No doubt about that….

  12. When will people learn? You know that even prospective bosses check social media accts b4 hiring? But will these children listen? Smh. I hope this scares a few tweeps straight.

  13. THESE WOMENSSSSSSSSS! By the way, there are some commenters on this post whose cleavages were twitpicd that day too. I have spotted 6. Truth or dare, should I tell?

  14. Hehehehe, Ghen Ghen. I Feel For The Ni99a, Most Of Gyals On Twitter Don’t Realize They’re Taking Twitter/Trends Too Extreme, Thinking They Catchiing Fun By Doing All Sorta Things Just To Feel Relevant Not Knowing They’re Selling Their Dignity. Nice Write Up Though!

  15. Nice work. True love is unconditional. But how unconditional it should be is a factor between zero and infinity and dependent on both parties genuine affection for each other. It is hard. But I will forgive and forget.

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  17. Enter your comment here…i wont twitimmoral stuff sha…yet i think.the guy is should be more flexible and check how recent those semi nudes were and how willing Tolu was going to be change and all. That said…i read all 17 Episodes of ‘for want of a child ‘ last night and love you already. you will go places. keep it up.

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