Use Your Faith to Put a Demand

As Christ followers, whenever we truly believe our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Our heart is at rest.

When a Person truly believe in Christ Jesus, he will no longer worry. Have Faith in God

It is not the amount of prayer we pray that counts but the amount of faith we put into our prayer.


When we are dealing with faith in God, Faith of God and faith of God, we must realize that God is Spirit.

Use Your Faith to put a demand

Hebrew 11:6: Here, the blessing provider is saying, “it is impossible to please me without faith”.

This simply means that as long as you have faith, God will work for you. Empty confession of faith will not work for you.

As a genuine Christian, if you analyze yourself sincerely, you will know the amount of faith you have.

The word we speak determines the life we enjoy.


As long as you have God it means you have Faith.

But one thing is clear, only God knows those who are serving Him in Truth and in Spirit, because only God knows the heart.

Matthew 15:30-31: Many were coming to Jesus Christ to see Him because they believed that there is enough available anointing to heal, deliver, bless, save, etc.

Where there is demand, there is supply.

God has given us the gift of faith for this purpose.

Faith is the channel by which anointing flow.


Mark 12:46: Blind Bartimaeus shout was one born of faith that was why every plan that the opposition carried out could not stop him.

Mark 5:25 & 34 : The woman with the issue of blood found herself in a desperate situation where she could have sat down in self-pity but she never did. Instead, in her desperation, she reached out to Jesus with her desperate faith.

Desperate Circumstances trigger desperate faith.

The kind of faith that does not listen to opposition or relent.

Sometimes in our life, we get to the end of ourselves before God can take us to glory.

Therefore, it’s time to do something to change your life from failure to success.

You need to have a heart decision. And a heart decision can only be made by an independent mind.

As people of God, use your faith to place a demand today and I pray the Lord Jesus Christ will meet you at the point of your need.

Have a blessed week.

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