In a World without Love

everybody wants to sleep with me

In a world without love, what is there to live for? This is my story, it doesn’t have an end yet but am sure it will be a good one.

My name is Prisca, l am 24years old…..l went to school like everybody else, graduated, worked for a while……………..well the story l want to tell you isn’t about my education but the gruesome lots l have encountered in little years on earth, l have never told anyone till now. I will try and make it short.

I was born into a nuclear family with 3children,l am the only girl with two older brothers.  My family wasn’t the regular family, parents disjointed, my dad tried though, he took time out for we the children but all in all they were never around, l resolved to being friends with outsiders and of course my brothers. I was a little over 4/5 years, cant really remember, but l noticed my eldest brother usually have sex with me. I didn’t understand what it was, but l know as soon as nobody is around he does that……..l never thought it affected me, never thought about it, In fact l convinced myself it never happened, but who am l fooling.

l had a pleasant childhood l think, mom was never around, and when she was, we were petrified of her. Few years later, l noticed a man comes to see my mom, l almost told my dad, but my brothers stopped me………..about a year later, my parents got divorced when l was 6/7, l was the only one my dad took to his new place, although l was too young to remember. My dad lost his job, so we the children moved with my mom, the first few years mom wasn’t around, brothers were in boarding school, l was with aunts, everything was fine, my step dad is the nicest person in the world, mom came back, for the first few months, she was nice, but things she says, it begs the question is he your mother? She abuses me emotionally, physically, as soon as l got into secondary school, l opted for boarding school. When my brothers came back home, l stopped boarding school, my mom was bitter to everyone, her family, her children, neighbours avoided her. Then we the children grew bolder, my mum deserves wonderful things, she single handedly sent her 3children through school, no disrespect but isn’t that what parents do for their kids? She tortures us with it every chance she gets, the house is happy when she isn’t around, but hot when she is back. My brothers are no longer here, its just me and her, and l cry almost every day, I have/had relationships, all of them terrified of my mom, I tried killing myself once, my current relationship, she trying to control my man and a man cant be controlled by the girlfriends mother, she’s been ruling for a break up, she was successful with my brother, but not this time. When she notices she has done many bad things then she covers it up by buying one or two things for you, after which she will insult you for buying it for you. She once accused me of sleeping with her husband, beat me up and down my street. Sometimes l think of sleeping with men, making fast money and run away, but my conscience wont let me. l didn’t hear from my father for over 10years, but he got in touch…tried to see him but things kept preventing us, my mom hated the idea, late last year, he died. After years, I saw him again dead. he begged we his children to come see him but alas my mom. I don’t know if am being selfish or being a wicked child, but this is a part of my life nobody knows and l just poured it out to you.

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  1. Eyah……. It definitely gets better. Hopefully,you would get married soon and move out or just move out sef. Don’t let your mom determine your life’s path,you are old enough to do that. God bless you and give you the strength to persevere.

  2. Life aint rosy, so we need to be closer to God. I partially grew up on the street & it has made me a better man! Only God is Your True Friend & Lover

  3. I know how it feels when your mom keeps insulting you with every single thing she does for you though its her parental responsibility. The good thing about the situation is that you’re not a kid anymore and you can stand for what you want. If the things are too hot, find a way to get out of that house(adviseably with your own money). I won’t advise you to rush into the wrong man’s arms because you are desperate to leave. Be Happy

  4. Danm, I think I have issues then I read stuff like this. It’s most unfortunate that we lack social security systems to prevent such abuse in the first place. All I can say is keep strong and fight to breakaway from anyone ruining your happiness. But don’t settle for any guy just to escape your mum, you don’t want to end up jumping from frying pan to fire.

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