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By Blessing Alikeju

Words you say resonate deep within me,

But I wish them from the lips of another.

Things you do make me wonder,

But I wish they were acts of another.

We developed a bond, a friendship,

I’d prefer it to stay that way.

You love me, I know that.

And I do too,

Though not in the way you’d want.

You crave more, I understand that.

Yet, I cannot give you more of me.

I am your strength in weakness,

You’ve told me countless times.

I am the light to your darkness,

I cannot claim ignorance to that.

You are a beautiful selfless being.

You emit the love I crave.

You love me like no other has.

Yet, I cannot bring myself to love you the way I know you deserve.

I hold back,

Scared of what will happen if I surrender.

Loving someone shouldn’t be hard

So I know there is someone more deserving of your love.

Love untainted.

My joy is your joy,

And my pain your pain.

You will always have a place in my heart.

But, forgive me, my dear,

For I cannot give you that which you truly want.

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  1. This is first class friendzone. Those we truly love dont tend to reciprocate in equal measure

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