Seeds of Reconstruction

Bees buzz and birds sing

as wars rage and cities crumble

but we’re sure to survive the wrath

with royal jelly in our blood

and a chain of thorns that bind the balance

between order and chaos in this world

Sun shines and spring blooms

as genes mutate and viruses spread

just keep your head up, soldiers

because there is a sweet reward

waiting on the other side

of this sour patch apocalypse

Faith builds and love lasts

as protests mount and warmongers bury their heads

beware the signs of red

when the streets begin to fill

if buckets are all we have

to keep this ship from sinking

Wind blows and bells ring

as storms rage and God weeps

know every flood is designed to save us

with new gardens growing priceless

as raw soil casts timeless spells

and miracles stop counting pennies

Hearts beat and pulses thrive

as toxins burn and bodies starve

but we are sure to accept the challenge

with aloe vera in our guts

and lungs lined with healing smoke

that raises the signal of waving flags

by Scott Thomas Outlar

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