#CruxofthematterwithElsie: Women Have Stopped Taking Bullshit – Chidi Okereke

Introducing Crux Of The Matter - With Elsie

Last Friday was argumentative. Kikikikikiki! Was fun too but argumentative? Yes it was. I was however not surprised as topics like Gender equality can give most of you serious hypertension sha…LOL

Chidi Okereke was my guest on Crux of the matter on Happenings Radio last Friday and he did justice to the discussion. My callers were awesome as usual. It gives me so much joy to know that people are tuned in and call in to contribute to the discussion. Thank you all so much.

Here is the recording from last Friday program. Chidi was of the opinion that women have stopped taking bullshit. I know not all women but we have a good number of women who understands how they want to be treated and have stopped taking bullshit. If you are one of them, cheers baby!

Do listen below and share.

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Do not forget to join us this Friday on Crux of the matter by 9pm on Happenings Radio as we host two Sickle Cell Warriors. You can listen from anywhere in the world.

crux of the matter with Elsie

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  1. Lolz.. Nice one, no tym for bullshit again biko! Let’s show d world d stuff we’re made of… #strongwomen#

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