Unexpected Journey II

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Its something I’ve always said I’ll learn but I never got to it. Since we had only two flats in the compound, ours and Musa’s, I had no other option, especially after two days of staying in darkness because I didn’t want to ask him knowing the way I was feeling.

Around 6pm I walked to his flat and knocked on his door. He opened with only a boxer short on. My heart did that tumble again as I started at his strong chest. He had…what do people call it o, ehen I remember, six packs. He was so damn sexy that I found myself stuttering as I told him if he could help me with the gen. He smiled and said no problem. He went in, wore a shirt then came over to my flat. He drew the gen twice and it came on immediately. I guessed I was standing too close behind him, I couldn’t tell and when he turned suddenly his face was close to mine. Seconds passed between us with us just staring in each others eyes. Till today I don’t know who made the first move all I can remember is his mouth over mine and my hands round his strong shoulders.

I was a lady in heat, deprived of sex for months and at that moment I wasn’t even thinking. We kissed liked we were fighting as our cloths flew in different directions. We didn’t even make it to my room, he made love to me right on the floor and it was the best I’ve ever had. We made love three more times and after that I lost count. And the weather was convenient as it rained heavily. Musa was insatiable and I was hungry for some good loving.

The next morning he went to his flat while I cried non stop. This wasn’t how I wanted my marriage to be. I hated people who commit adultery. After all the fun one had while in that youthful age, what was the use when one was now an adult and married? After that day I couldnt even look at him in the face and he did try to get me to talk to him but I refused. My husband came back and things got back to normal. Then after a month I started having this morning sicknesses and vomiting. I was terrified when I did a pregnancy test and it came back positive. What was I to do?!!! The constant thinking got to me and I lost a lot of weight. Then the idea hit me. I should get my husband to make love to me then claim it to be his. Only then was I able to smile. That night when he came back I told him that I wanted him to make love to me and he did. I was on a mission so I had to bear the anal pain first before he could make love the normal way.

That night when he came back I told him to make love to me and he did. I was on a mission so I had to bear the anal pain first before he could make love the normal way.

When the pregnancy was three months I decided to tell my husband but to my surprise, all he did was laugh and laugh and laugh…. It was almost endless. I thought it was for joy and kind of laughed with him. Then he stopped abruptly and asked me who the father of the baby was. I was shocked. How did he know, I asked myself. He couldn’t have known. No way! I had a hint of fear in my eyes with that “what kind of a stupid question is that?” Defense. He laughed some more and this time I was really scared. He saw the fear in my eyes and told me not to be afraid, that he knew it couldn’t be his because he is impotent. I mean, after all I’ve been through, could it get any worse? I turned and slapped him with all the strength I had possessed in my tiny arm. He staggered backwards and I kept throwing more blows at him and tears rained down my face. It took him almost fifteen minutes before he could get me off him and he had to put his hand over my mouth because unconsciously I called him a dirty impotent homosexual who tricked me into marrying him.

He tried to calm me down but he couldn’t stop me from wailing. The tears couldn’t stop flowing. I was heartbroken, I was devastated and I felt less of a woman. I mean… God what have I done to deserve this? I raked my brain for all my sins but couldn’t think of anything that could warrant such a punishment or punishments! I don’t even know again. Maybe it was the sins of my father or my mother or even my forefathers. I felt I was going mad! Stark -Raving mad.

The next day I packed my bags and went to my parents house. My husband begged me with tears in his eyes not to tell anyone his secret and I told him to go fuck himself.Because I arrived at my parents house late in the night I didn’t have the chance to talk with my mum. The next day I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so weak and running temperature. My mum was so worried she had to call the doctor. The doctor was the one who told my parents about my condition. They were so happy and seeing the joy on their face I couldn’t spoil it for them. My husband came that evening driving a new car which he bought for me and lots of gifts for my parents. When we were finally left alone, he told me he was ready to accept the child as his and would love it like his own. Agreeing to that was my biggest mistake.

After a week I went back to my husbands house. I’ve always heard that a pregnant woman needs a man more than before and that was how I found myself back in the arms of Musa. We made love every chance we got. I had this crazy idea in my head about telling Musa I was pregnant and us getting married. One day after we made love I told him and the look on his face made my heart to stop beating for some seconds. He told me he was happily married with three kids and loves his wife so much that this news will kill her. I didn’t even know he was married. I hurriedly wore my clothes and got out of his flat before he saw the tears that had started forming in my eyes.

I gave birth to a handsome baby boy who had Musa’s nose and eyes. Musa packed away from our compound before the delivery and since then I’ve not heard from him nor seen him. My husband was true to his words and showed my son so much love. Life went on but I was unhappy.

My husband opened a big restaurant for me. I was so hungry for love that I started sleeping with any man that showed me a little love. Two years later I got pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. By then I was so fed up with the life I lived that I wanted a change. The only way I could do that was to leave my husband. Something I should have done a long time ago. I told my husband this, thinking he would beg and cry like he always does. Instead he told me to leave if I wanted to but I wasn’t taking his son. I was speechless. His son???  We had a legal battle for my baby and there he painted me as a lying, wicked, conniving adulterer in court. It was sad that even after I had told my part of the story I could still see the accusing looks of people in the court. I’m at the edge of losing my son but If there’s any justice in this world, the court will rule in my favour. After all I’ve been through isn’t that punishment enough, but no!!! they still want to take my son away from me. Now my only saving grace will be a DNA test.

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  1. You are the most foolish girl I have ever encountered in this age, perhaps the age before and the age that shall be…you complain abt a man that was ready to accept you and ur bastard baby, you complain about a guy that got you a new car, open a restaurant for you, gave you all the support and care even at the clear sight of adultery. Gf not everyman can do that. The only problem I see here is his sexuality. Now thats a big problem, but did you ever try to solve it. I’m not talking you giving him d butt hole on demand but did you truly n honestly make him see the beauty of the vjayjay. Perhaps if he had seen your genuine desire and intention with love he may perhaps have a rethink ,for as it is true that people don’t really change so it is true that people change everyday.Your story didn’t say so, but you would hv been more justified in your affair or even divorce when you try and fail. You are just a selfish hen interested in getting banged, laying eggs and rearing chicksIf I were the judge I would grant custody to ur husband, cos he would sure mk a better parent than a gal that is ready to hump any man when the p***y itchs

    1. wow. this comment wakened my “two side of a coin” , i was looking at it from the lady’s angle and feeling sorry for her, but this comment, this comment…..speechless

  2. U wrote ‘started’ instead of ‘stared’! Correct it please! Then, the story is out of this world silly! Nice try though!

    1. Thanks for d correction. And as for trying? Dear I wasn’t. This isn’t fiction. Its a true life story. Thanks for reading

  3. Prince Xaxier you r taking this the wrong way probably cause you r the same sex with her husband. Remember he tricked her, remember he lied about a lot of things like his sexual preference and for Christ sake he was impotent and u write calling her wicked. I beg to differ. Besides he cldnt even get it up if it’s only the vjayjay. You think it’s easy to change a homosexual right? You also forgot he was cheating on her. How convenient. It’s alright if d man cheats but when d woman cheats u call her names. I believe he only wanted her son for one reason, someone to carry his name otherwise y didn’t he fight for d custody of the girl?

  4. And you should know by now money can’t always buy love. What is material things compared to a woman starved for affection, for love? Put yourself in her shoes and walk a mile, maybe then you will understand. This man did not have time for her, he was always coming late, he married her to put a stop to his ppl talking, he married her as a front to mask his sexuality. Her only foolishness was allowing herself to be bribed by him. Still I will understand how it will feel when a newly wedded girl after 3 months goes back to her parents house. She even kept his secret until now. I won’t say she was right in what she did but remember frustration can change the weak hearted.

  5. Wow one can never know what one is facing except one experience it, I pray God gives u d peace u desire and may you win d case if not ur son might be his next Sex toy….fight for your son

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