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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 47. Written by Da goddess

The medical world is an interesting one, few people really know what goes on apart from the medical aspect. Now I’m about to take you all down that road. I decided to be a nurse when I was 8. I loved everything about them; their uniform, the respect given to them, the way they cater for their patients, and they always looked clean and pretty in movies. After my secondary school I went to a nursing school. It wasn’t like in the movies. I fainted the first day I saw a doctor cut open a human’s tummy, I couldn’t keep food in my stomach throughout that day. Not all the nurses were nice and the doctors were womanizers.

I lost my virginity to one of the doctors in training. The doctors slept with the nurses and any agreeable patient while the nurses slept with their patients and with the doctors. It was really a crazy world and before long I blended into the world like I was made for it. Being a beautiful fair shapely girl had its advantages and so I was sought after by all the doctors. Sex was nothing to us. Nothing but fun.

It was so easy raising up our white uniform and having a quickie in the medical room or at night with any of the patients that caught our eyes. When u hear that nurses are the best lovers never doubt that. We know the human body and can explore it with our eyes closed. We know how to go about pleasuring a man and also how to cater to one. A nurse will take care of you and then fuck the hell out of you.After my nursing school I got a job as a nurse at Saving Souls Hospital (SSH) in Lagos. It was a duplex converted into a hospital and owned by a white man called Dr. Phillips. I met four other nurses there named nurse Ngozi, Nurse Stephanie, Nurse Yemisi and Nurse Blessing. Apart from Dr. Phillips there were three other Doctors; Dr Hassan, James and Dr. Mile another white doctor.

That week I resumed I was on morning duty with Nurse Yemisi, Nurse Ngozi and Dr. James. After the pleasantries and being filled in with my job for the day, around 7 am I was at my duty post when this girl walked. She couldn’t have been more than 17 years. She looked me from my head to the remaining part of my body visible behind the counter while chewing gum recklessly”Who be you? I never see you here before” and before I could reply she said “abi na you be the nurse wey dem change wit Sheyi wey go get belle for Doctor and she no wan gree comot am?“I had that dumb look on my face because this was news, interesting news to me. I smiled searching my brain for a response and got the perfect one”Yes sweetheart I’m she, what can I do you for“Amebo dey always sweet me and to make the gist flow without obstacle I always bring out my charm but for now work first”I wan do number two” she replied and when she saw the dumb look return back to my face she said,”Which wan you dey look me like oluku!!! I don get belle again and I wan commot am


Da goddess

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  1. It was a great read till I got to the end….I could understand what she was saying…seems like broken English… Lost me there

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