I am Ugly, Beautiful, Fat, Short & Sexy

Happy new Month Lovers! I pray God for God’s blessing in every aspect of your life. Amen!

I got a message from a reader of my blog and it read:

You need to write about peeps criticizing the ugly & fat ones on twitter and in real life (We’re all created in God’s image)

The truth is, I sighed.

Now, I won’t try to exempt myself from this bad habit (covers face). I know there are people we see and we just cringe inside. Er…don’t blame us.

But I have faith in one thing, and that thing is a tweet from one of my followers. He tweeted and I quote,

There are no more ugly girls”.

As much as I believe all that in my mind, I thought about it and this is what came to mind:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”..hehehe that’s cliché right? Calm down.

How about me telling you that “you are only as ugly as you think you are”, is that still cliché too?

Then what if I decide to borrow a line from the Christians’ Holy book and tell you, “You are created in the image of God”, trying not to decipher that sentence deeply, we can say we all look like God (Literally)……lol

I guess I am boring you already and you are wondering what this over blunt wahala girl is trying to say. Here is what I am trying to say:

You can’t stop anyone from thinking you are ugly. You can’t even stop someone from saying it out rightly, to others’ faces! But you can work on yourself, how you see yourself, how you appear and how you let people’s words and opinion affect your feelings.

And oh!, I almost forgot the fat ones. Truth is, you can be fat and beautiful. Fat and sexy (Bold and beautiful).IMG_20140612_173609

They can argue the fact that being fat is unhealthy, who cares? If you can do some level of work outs (exercise) daily to keep your heart beat intact and remain healthy, watch your food intake (balanced diet) and still maintain the plus size you like, then why do you bother about what some irrelevant being tweeted at you? It’s either you lose the fat or you maintain it. Crying or killing yourself over nothing is useless and even makes you look really ugly.

Someone will always be taller, finer, prettier, sexiers, smarter, intelligent, etc. (you name it) more than you are.

And then there are people who would just ignore all the good things about you and face those not so good parts just to spite you. Some are born bullies and can be very foolish. You become as foolish as they are when you allow them a fulfilled time by letting their stupidity affect how you feel. Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Be it in physic, facial, intelligence, IQ or any other parts that make up a human, no one is perfect. God made us that way so we can complement each other. No one is an island.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

I will stop my talk writing by letting you into one of my secrets that has helped me overcome the bad mouthed people that came and would come after me both in the real world and on social media:

First, I picked up a piece of paper, wrote out the ugly parts of my body. I know I am not so tall (neither am I short), I have a really big tummy that I don’t like (even though I am trying real hard to work on it, I lazy gan) and I can sound very igbotic (accent) when pissed or carried away.

Then I accepted the fact that all these things are part of me (at least for now), except for the ones I can work on (which I am so working on at the moment). So before you tell me I am short, I already know I’m of an average height. When the words finally comes out, I simply ask you how long your blindness has lasted and congratulate you for the scales dropping off your eyes. Or when you want to talk about my tummy, I smile and tell you I will go to the gym when I am ready to, if you don’t like it? Hug the nearest pole. Or do you want to talk about my accent? I still make sense more than you do with your fake British accent. All these notwithstanding, I owe no one an explanation. So do you.

It starts with acceptance and love for yourself. Accept that you cannot recreate yourself and that God knows why he made you look the way you do.

Have you ever wondered how Aki and Pawpaw’s life would have been if they were tall?

Start accepting and loving yourself today. I leave you with a sweet picture of my lovely friend @joy_mami

She’s a definition of intelligent, independent, hardworking, bold and beautiful lady.IMG_20140611_142322

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  1. @Elsie… Thanks for writing about this, letting people know that they are special and beautiful (fat, slim, tall or short) is wonderful. Personally, I believe showing our neighbours love and care is the key to a better world.

  2. If you don’t complement yourself, no one will.. People will only accept you after you have truly accepted yourself. Don’t go around feeling bad about the way you look just cos someone mentioned it: being beautiful requires more courage/intelligence than looks. “It’s called beauty from within.”

  3. i enjoyed reading your blog 😉 I liked the message to inspire self confidence. Self confidence is the most beautiful thing a person can have.

  4. Exactly! I am my greatest critic and it has helped me alot! There’s hardly anything anyone can say that would get to me.I am also trying to stop seeing people in not so nice ways because we were all created in God’s image and I can’t insult Him.

  5. Well constructed and I must say…..u got me thinking and trying to figure out my own too “Long neck” but it makes me see from a far…lmao.Keep the good work “baby’m” and the good Lord will remain with you ja re.

  6. “Thanks Elsie for the Shout out!! You are a darling! I still think your Ass is tiny though!! Hehehehehehe!!!”

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  8. The best feeling in the world is when you accept the way you are, with that nobody will use it against you. Self love matters alot

  9. We should accept ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin. The way you are yourself is the way people see you.

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