Hello lovers!I was tagged by the lovely Tosin of africanismcosmopolitan.com to do this short blog tag. Well, not like she called me out directly but she did indirectly. So since I am in my play mood, I am just going to answer these questions without thinking too much. If you think I am lying about her calling me out, then click here to find out. Am a blogger right? So let’s move on…….. Are you named after someone?Naaaaaa, I am the only Elsie in my family and the only Isioma too. J When was the last time you cried?21st June 2014. At the burial of my very good friend’s (Banke) Dad. She’s number one on my list of best friends if I ever decide to do the best friend shiii. (Pardon my French). Do you have any children?Not yet. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?I will be honored to have me as a friend. Do you have any guilty pleasures?None yet. Do you like ‘handwriting’?Yea, as long as the writer’s writing is sexy. 😀 What’s your favorite cereal?Errrr….. frosties, oat & Milo crunches X_x with serious milk What’s the first thing you notice about people?Height. What’s the color of your eyes?Dark brown. Scary movies or happy endings?Both. Depends on my mood and who I am watching with. Favourite TV show?Scandal, House of lies, Breaking Bad, Suits, Devious maids, Single Ladies, Lekki wives, etc. 😀 Winter or summer?Let’s just say Dry season or Rainy season? We get Harmattan too abi? Duuuuuuh!!! Hugs or kisses?Hugs! No, wait. KISSES!!! Both sef! Depends on who. Special Talent?Uhmmm…I can make you feel good. Er..did that sound right? Well, I know I give the best listening ear, best advice, and I am that person you can tell anything without the fear of being judged. Hit me up! 7B16E631 Where were you born?Lagos, Nigeria. Hobbies?Music, surfing the net (gathering information), reading, cooking, blogging, etc. Do you have any pets?I am my own pet. Favorite movie?Temptation, Best man holiday, Obsessed, etc What color is your car?Red! (soon!) What do you want to do when you grow up?A motivational speaker, an OAP, A business owner and an entrepreneur. And that’s all with the questions. I tag all bloggers who read this post especially, Tope the ranter, Chrisking leonhart, Loopscard, Shughar, Femi Fragile, Hounge, newnaija, Hotpie!, prince Xavier, Seun Odukoya, Glowville, Babaolowo, Walter and Chris Bamidele. And to my readers, I would love to know more about you. Please feel free to answer these questions using the comment box.Kisses!Elsie Godwin

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  1. Nice. If only we could start any new convo with these kinda questions we wouldnt all be boring people…

  2. Still don’t know u enough with this lil info. Add more stuffs like; are u in a relationship(so I’ll know wat to tell all dem guys disturbing bout ur number) are u hot tempered(so I can keep getting on ur nerves) r u all moochy smoochy( hehe) just kinding tho. Was nice reading dis. Keep going kiddo

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