Good day Lovers. Here is the concluding part of the story I started last Wednesday. Enjoy and kindly use the comment box to tell me how I did and what you think of the whole story. If you missed the first episode please click here. sex therapyI smiled at the figure standing in front of me. Fine looking dude with a very good dress sense. Looking all bright and handsome.

Won’t you invite me in?” he asked. Breaking my admiral looks.

My bad, please come in sugar and make yourself comfortable”, I said as I stepped aside.

He walked in and I turned to shut the door. Typical of Niyi, he slide his hands right from my waist to my v area. I rested on his chest, turned my neck sideways and kissed him. He has got to be the best kisser ever for me. In seconds our body was faced to each other with intense kiss. My back resting on the door, he moved his hand slowly underneath my chiffon armless top and rest easy on my naked boobs. He tickled my body slowly with a little more concentration on the boobs. I whimpered in pleasure as I made for his torso. He held my hands and placed them on his shoulder, starred into my eyes and said, not in a hurry boo. He lifted me up, placed me on the cushion and undressed me nice and slowly while in a deep tongue kiss. He paused for a while as if to admire the body in front of him. I smiled sheepishly and he giggled.

Are you shy?” he asked.

I pulled his head closer and started the kisses all over again, this time both hands were on my boobs, not moving, it was just on them, the warmness of his hands on my boobs made my pussy juice drip. He kissed my neck and there I was moaning in pleasure. He released one of the boobs and before I could protest the release, the hand was slowly moving down, he fingered my already wet pussy while his mouth did justice to the protesting boob. My body shivered. Sex with Niyi got better daily. He was my one true sexacapade. I jerked my thigh in reaction to his finger and I had my first orgasm. Breathing in ecstasy, I watched him pull off his polo, the sight of his well-built figure made me even wetter. He pulled off his jean and boxers together, my face brightened for joy at the sight of his cock. Not too big, not small, just the way I like it. I sat up, grabbed his cock and kissed it. I took it like an innocent child licking on lollipop. We groaned in excitement. I made sure there was enough saliva on the cock as he fucked my mouth. My tongue twitting in and out, I knew I was doing it good as he let out a louder moan. He stopped me abruptly, put my legs apart and slide into my already wet waiting pussy. He fucked me fast while we both kissed, holding back my scream. He went on and on until I had my second orgasm. He ejected his cock from my vjayjay and went eating my snail. I could no longer hold the excitement myself. I let out a scream he slided back into me, fucked me until he came back. We laid there, breathing heavily and laughing.


After every other Saturday chores, I picked up my phone to check for my pings totally forgotten I started a chat with a Gbenga guy. Then I saw his message.

Hi…Hello….You there? Hello!!!…. so much for wanting to be the one I talk to”

I laughed real hard and replied.

My battery was low, sorry dear. Feeling any better?”

“Yea, far better than how I felt this morning”

“You ready to talk about what’s bothering you or you just don’t want to?”

A phone call interrupted. It was a call from her aunt.

“Aunty good evening”

“Hey darling, how are you? Doing good all alone in that house?”

“Aunty I am fine jor, Niyi just left. My Saturday wasn’t so boring after all.”

“L babey, you and this Niyi guy sha, I hope you both are not catching feelings yet because I want you to meet someone. He is a fine made guy and just the way you like ‘em. And he is really up for marriage. I think you should play your cards well. Gave him your number. His name is George. He should call you soon.”

“uhmmm, aunty, what makes you so sure he will like me? Or would want me as his wife?”

“Lizzy, you are smart, beautiful and sexy. Play your cards well and trust me you have a husband. I got to go now dear, I will call you later.”


After 8 months of dating George without sex and steady sexcapade with Niyi. Gbenga never got lucky enough to hit the cookie. George proposes to me and the wedding holds. On our wedding night, George gave me his best doze of action. But there was a difference.

George was everything a woman would dream of. A gentleman to the core, God fearing, prayerful, ambitious, loving, caring, etc.

But my sex life never remained the same. I went back to school to finish up my project. One of those lonely nights came knocking. All I could think of was Niyi. I battled this thought but I guess I was too weak to let it go.

I left school and found my way to Niyi’s house. The day spent at Niyi’s place was the beginning of my adulterous life. Even after school, when I had no reason to spend the night out anymore, I made it to his place. This went on for 2years. I tried to stop. To be the faithful wife I always wanted to be. But no, it wasn’t working.

Until one very night, after coming back home from an intense sex section with NIyi. George wanted to have sex with his wife (me), but I was already too exhausted to have him distort my lovely memory. He went on and on. I didn’t know when the words came out.

I hate sex with you

Tears filled my eyes as I watched his reaction. Feeling defeated and bruised ego. His mouth was ajar. He left the room. I had to follow him, I knew the damage my words has caused. I couldn’t get myself to telling him I have been cheating on him. I didn’t dare.

I watched him sit in the wine bar, drinking direct from the bottle of vodka. My George has never done that before or I never saw him drink from a bottle. He looked up, saw me and asked, “So why haven’t you said anything. We could work through it. See a doctor, a marriage counsellor, a sex specialist, watch porn or you just teach me how you want it”.

He returned the bottle to its position. Walked up to me, held me close to chest as I heard his heart beat fast. His words made me die in guilt.

Baby, I met you, and I loved you. Even more than I ever thought. You knew how to make me smile even when I faced huge stress. You brought so much joy to my heart in a short while. I have never regretted meeting you and I won’t start now. I am sorry I haven’t been man enough in that aspect. Truth is, I really haven’t given you my best. All I do is sex you the way I thought a man should sex his wife. Now I know I got it all wrong. Now I understand what it is to “Treat your wife like a queen and fuck her like your hoe”. I won’t touch you tonight. I will just cuddle you to bed, but trust you to wake up to a new man.”

I was trying to understand all he just said when he lifted me up. Carried me to the room and tucked me in. He kissed me good night, there was something about that kiss.

I woke up to my husband eating me all up. I would rather not give the details, but I had the best sex ever. Niyi has got nothing on my man. I was still trying to catch my breath even when he left for work.

Just as he stepped out, my Phone rang. It was Niyi. The tears came rolling down. Tears of guilt. I had the best man in the world and I stupidly cheated on him, all because I was scared to communicate. And he also thought he was doing me good. Would I ever get myself to confessing my deeds to my man? Should I ever? I guess this will be my one dark secret.

I reached for my phone, removed the battery. Brought out the sim and broke it. I have a husband to be faithful to. I promised myself to always talk to my husband about everything and anything.

Communication is the life to a long lasting relationship.


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  1. i am wowed! like wtf the George find in that bottle of vodka?! Must be very magical! i think i need one myself right now

  2. That was a nice story. I love the fact that it wasn’t written for readers to be aroused only, but also to teach us how effective communication is vital in any relationship. Kudos Elsie.

  3. I was patiently waiting for the end to be sure that I’m on Lol.Nice story…. I didn’t experet et. The end made maddddd sense. Communication can never be over emphasised. She had sense to lock up abt her affair too…. That was d right thing to do, in my opinion, especially as she broke her sim too.

    1. Hehehehe thanks shughar. You know how it is on , …. expect anything 🙂

  4. Its great when reading and it seems u r actually watching a movie. Great mix of sensuality, sexuality and sensibility.

  5. Dah was amazing! sex is actually a tool for a gud n longlasting marriage too. Pls where is dt george? Lol….

  6. Great effort but it seemed rushed, not detailed enough….u didn’t let the story play out itself, there is description and narration to make story telling come to life…u rushed it cos u wanted to end it. Anyways, not bad dear. Cheers!

  7. I like the way your stories create a mental animation of events. The imagery in this one was quite enhanced.Enjoyed every bit of it. @Jay, I don’t think it was rushed. With such stories, one stands a risk of boring out the plot if it stretches too far and often times, the message is lost somewhere between, invariably defeating the purpose of the story.

  8. Great story. Really learnt something from it. Communication is key in any kind of relationship.

  9. Hi Elsie. Your story to me is more than a story. It’s a message honestly. I love love it so much and other stories you’ve written. Please keep it up.

  10. That was a powerful message. I like the way you driven home the lesson. It is never too late to do the right thing. Thank you Elsie.

  11. Lovely lovely story, from start to finish,every paragraph was a hit.Ended jn d least expected way, very good.

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