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There are nights when the moon is abnormally large and is bathing the earth with its luminous glow. There are nights where a bolt of lightening tears across the sky and a peal of thunder follows. There are nights where we, humans, just want to blend with the paleness of the night and get buried in it and wish not to rise with the morning but of course not without the person we love. Love, they say: is wanting more for a person than they actually want for themselves. I guess that’s what had happened when Jane — the lover of my soul — told me she had gotten an opportunity to study abroad, but she wouldn’t be taking it because she didn’t want to leave me in the cold and rigid hands of life. But because, love, being what it is, I assured her that I’d be waiting for her. “At the end of everything, we’d always end up running into ourselves”, I had said. I remember her actually leaving but more importantly I remember how each night, we would hold hands and speak our dreams into existence. We would get married. I’d start a business. We would be wealthy. We would have children. They’d go to the best school in town.

As I look back now, especially with the knowledge of what will come after, the rest of my life set in unparalleled anguish. I remember a day before the date of her departure, I remember the happenings of that day. That day, we began to love each other over again. I remember how we connected again, without words. We were in the same room we had always sat in, staring, as we always did, into the landscape, over the mountains, at the horizon, into the sun, until our eyes could not take us any further. It was a day of looking out, smiling, laughing, crying, holding hands. We sat there and watched the day stroll by. It was then I realised that she and I needed no words.

In the afternoon of that day, it had began to rain. She dragged me out of the house. We jumped in the rain, with our hands high in the sky begging it to pour on us so we could be big, tall, strong, bold. In that moment, we could feel our hearts meshing together. That day we began to form new memories, filling the impending void left by the ones that would be wiped out by the choice I had made for her. I believed absence would make the heart grow fonder. That day, we laid on the wet ground, legs and arms stretched out, rain falling our faces. We felt free. We had never felt so soaked in love before.

In the night of that day, the sky was dull and it threatened rain. The moon was no longer in sight and the stars were only dots in the sky. She and I slept lying the same way, instead of different directions. I had woken up in the middle of the night and found her holding me, squeezing me, she had sunk her teeth in the pillow so she would not cry. She jerked for a few minutes and then fell asleep in my arms.

We had later woken up by dawn to leave for the airport. I remember how it was time for her flight and how we hugged so tightly that the only way to have separated us was to have torn us apart. I had peeled off her embrace trying to halt the tears that streamed down my eyes. I remember how our hands glided against each other breaking the littlest form of physical connection we had together. She had whispered earlier that she’d be back.

Three years later, I’m sitting before her. She’s a little bigger now, nothing has changed. She still has the glow that the sun and moon are jealous of. She’s still wearing the same smile she wore the last time we held hands under the rain. However, it is not her that I see now, it is an image of her on the television. She’s smiling with both her hands entwined. And just below the image on the television is written:

Gone too soon.

— Wisdom Bartholomew


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  1. Oh great piece. I love your intricate attention to detail. Don’tstop writing my friend.

  2. Woooow, I love this! I thought it will end in her leaving you for a better person perhaps Nollywood style but it didn’t… Amazing piece

  3. Wisdom, this is so nice. I can imagine, loving someone so whole heartedly and waiting for the person. But he/she didn’t come back. I feel his (the character) pain. Wonderful write up bro. More ink to your pen. Let me goan get a tissue.

  4. Wow! Nice piece bro
    This is really nice man,u got me all sobered up… Its really cool

  5. This writeup is really pushing me to consider writing.
    The choice of words were on point.
    You really did put on much detail.
    Keep it up bro

  6. Wow this is beautiful. Omg i love d write up.. Amazing story, captivating i just got move now… Remarkable… Bravo

  7. Jeez!…. not what I expected at all… it was kinda like taking me up in a plane n pushin me out mid-air

  8. Pain. I felt the pain. This is really good. I love your use of imagery and choice of words, suspense and creativity. ????

  9. I really enjoyed reading it. It is very lovely. May u go higher in Jesus name.
    Ninu’s friend.

  10. Divine work of art.
    Perfection in words.
    Awesome piece man.

    Cheers. To love lost,
    Found, and lost again.

  11. This is absolutely spectacular nd touching…their love is just amazing nd i could feel the emotion…it makes me see how wonderful love can really be

  12. I can not say this enough. You’re an amazing writer. A word artist. As always you’ve floored me. This was a new experience for me by reason of that unexpected ending. It’s a beautiful mix of nostalgia, sadness and love expressed with precision. Well done.

  13. Wow wow wow.. You got me sighing In admiration with this.. You write with so much passion and attention and this shows that you are indeed a natural born writer. I never could have guessed the ending of this piece and this makes it more amazing.. Beutiful work.. Please keep it up. More ink to your pen….

  14. Though I foresaw a tragedy of some sort, I didn’t expect what you served. Brilliant.

  15. This is amazing man, simple and perfect.. really felt love there… kudos to you
    more ink to your pen n more knowledge to you as well

  16. Wow!!! This is soooo captivating. Best thing I’ve read in years. Kudos to you.

  17. Talk about a write up that ignites the soul. Amazing piece man.

    You bring out the intricacies of life, love is all we need.

    Fleeting moments of ecstasy.

  18. Wow wow… This is mindblowing Wis.
    Your use of words got to me?… It’s a sad thing to lose the one you love. Never stop writing Wisdom❤…

  19. Wow!!!!! This is soooo captivating. Best thing I’ve read in years. Kudos to you

  20. Someone sent this to me and I just felt it would be a normal write up. The first paragraph felt so. But I persisted.. It got better when you became the figure and then Love and then Tragedy.. You’re an exceptional writer.. It’s abysmal and intoxicating the way you write. Its really really really Nice.. Gosh I feel weak..gosh I’ll go read it again ?

  21. This is really good stuff. And the fact that this happens in reality makes it all the more a great piece. Well done bro

  22. This killed me. Love happens when you least expect and then it leaves, sometimes like the blast of wind rushing through your fingers…you can’t hold it back…just like that…and like some crazy stupid…high quality movie, it never leaves the mind.

    Thank you Whizzy

  23. That was awesome sincerely, and quite sad too. Wisdom Bartholomew don’t relent you are a great writer, more grease to your elbows.

  24. Am short of words, this piece pierced my heart… I could imagine everything and blend with the emotions. So deep it brought tears to my eyes.. . This is lovely

  25. Wisdom, i loved every comma, fullstop,etc that was used in weaving this intricate fabric of loss into a beautiful dress of love. There is nothing more to say. Your words are enough! I wish Jane a peaceful transition into the destination unknown.

  26. This is touching, Wisdom. You conveyed it all..the pain of loving someone you’ll never get to see again.

  27. Boy you just tore my heart apart. This piece is wonderful. I want to read more from you.

  28. This is absolute creativity… Your write up are so heart warming, motivational,..perfect…i will forever love this

  29. Oh no, she didn’t have to die, I just can’t stop crying ???. RIP Jane

    This is a beautiful love story but not with happy ending ???

    You are now officially my 2nd best writer, job well done. Looking forward to reading more of your work ?

  30. Awww this is actually wonderful to be very honest. Every line sinked in deep. Almost left me in tears I forgot it was a story. Damn you’re good mans. am deadass ya damn good. Keep it up.

  31. A nice piece,well detailed that I could see it play right in front me and didn’t foresee death was actually expecting her in someone else’s hand.thumbs up bro

  32. This was totally mind blowing. Your write-up is so moving and exciting. I would love to read more of your stories and also keep up the good work

  33. The way you blended emotions made me feel I was living the story. This is so so good! Nigeria has a bright future, literally

  34. How can love make us hurt n happy at d same time. It’s a beautiful feeling ??

  35. lovely…
    the write up is on point. and I just wanna be a writer too.
    good job 👍👍👍

  36. Whao! Gooseflesh. You chose your words carefully and stringed them so beautifully.

    Criticism: ‘Lightening’ should be ‘lightning’

  37. Hmm… an affectionate piece. I felt ever part of it. The words are concrete and alive. In fact, they now live in my heart. Kudos to this young affectionate pen with wisdom from the ancient.

  38. Wow…… Its one of the best pieces have seen this year……. Its touching n intriguing … More ink to ur pen n more lead to ur pencil ???

  39. Why did you have to kill the girl? A great and well-detailed piece,well-done.

  40. I’ve always been one for predicting the end of short stories. Yours is an exception. Such brilliance!

  41. No 🙁
    I was already expecting “we lived happily ever after”… the sort of ending that proves a story is almost total fiction, especially in this generation…
    I never saw death coming.
    nice one bruh

  42. This is really tearful and deep and at the same time very romantic.. Nice piece of work you got.

  43. My kind of story, no happy ending.? and boy can you describe??? I was lost in imagination. Keep doing what you do best, you going places.

  44. Amazing write up… well detailed…and relatable. It created a very clear picture of everything going on. Especially the ending, excellent. I felt every bit of it. The title is just perfect. Well done.

  45. This was an amazing writeup. You have done a great job man. More ink to your pen sir.

  46. Goodness gracious ???. I can’t imagine parting with my heartthrob, much less loosing em this way…… I’d be devastated, shattered, empty.
    Your write-ups Always spark something inside of me. Please don’t you stop. We need more writers like yourself.

  47. Something like
    That was heart touching man, I’ve been reading some of ur writes up, but this is one of the best
    Grace up mam??

  48. I read this beautiful piece over and over again, then I said to myself this is extraordinary. Great work, may God bless you with more wisdom and knowledge.

  49. What a sad and touching ending.. Actually shed tears…
    Lesson learnt: We never can tell about tomorrow, no matter how hard we tried…

  50. Enthralling with a powerful narrative that makes you pray the story doesn’t end.

    Good job Wisdom Bartholomew.

  51. This story got to me…jane didnt have to die?… You’re an amazing writer wis..i hope you win

  52. Enthralling and Captivating. Almost brought tears to my eyes but a grown ass man don’t cry.

  53. The writer has a way with words that captures the human emotions. I will save this and read again and again. Such brilliance!

  54. This story is just wow, u really got me, was reading again and again,! Nice work there

  55. This piece is very awesome and beautiful. I will love to have u mentor me one day

  56. You absolutely took charge of the story, that’s awesome. Most of us already predicted a happy ending but then, you were very wise to prove us wrong.

    I read the first few lines, jumped to the last and saw ‘RIP Jane’, that moment I knew I had to run back up to read afresh.


  57. My heart broke when I read “R.I.P Jane”. Beautiful piece, did not see that coming.

  58. I’ll be following this for my periodic dose of emotive literature. Maybe next time I’ll even ask the question I have reserved today.

  59. Wow..This is beautifully sad. I especially love the fact that there’s a twist to the story which makes it different from anyone’s pedictions. More ink to your pen man.

  60. Hmm, you’ve really made the dead emotions in me rise, the stand still feelings moving within me, you’ve really captured my attention with this work . You are a genius.
    Nice work

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