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That was it! She couldn’t take it anymore. Ada got up and started to make her way out of the football viewing center. What had happened in the last ten minutes was beyond shocking. A two goal lead had just been thrown away by Nigeria and it wasn’t just against any team, it was against Iran of all teams! She bit her lips against crying. She was almost out when she heard the voice of her Neighbor John.

See them see them, I no know when women begin watch ball, dem don dey move with their bad luck!” She didn’t bother looking back as she got out and made her way home. Damn Keshi and his boys over and over again. When would he learn? She was opened her room door, sighed and just stepped into her room and fell on her bed. And that stupid John, he was seriously lacking sense. She hissed and kept tossing on bed, didn’t know how long she had napped for but the smell of weed woke her up. Then her memories came back, her annoying neighbors were back. She grudgingly sat up in bed and patted her hair. Got up and decided to go give John a piece of her mind before her anger washed away.

Ada walked out to the balcony where she knew the guys would be, smoking and gisting away. There were four of them there but no John in between. Her anger rose up a notch as she thought of her next line of action.“Ha, Ada na Arsenal wey lose make you just stand there like statue? Come blaze small na”, One of the guys called out to her. She wasn’t ready for this yet.

I am coming, where’s John?”“I think he went inside, check his room sha”, another of the guys replied.Ada nodded her thanks as she turned around and started off towards John’s room which was the last in the building. Fucking where he belonged, Ada thought to herself. A few long strides and she was at his door, rapped out some hard knocks on the door, no answer, again, no answer. She pulled at his door knob, it was open. Her anger didn’t make her think of any courtesy as she just opened the door and stepped into the apartment. Looking around, she could see clothes scattered all over the floor. A TV set on the floor, a PlayStation console and a power stabilizer next to it. Typical male student room, she shook her head. She could hear water running in the adjoining bathroom. The idiot was even around and could hear someone enter his room. She frowned and folded her arms across her chest and waited for him to finish up. She was going to give him a really big piece of her mind. Didn’t take too long before John came out of the bathroom whistling. And she was the one who got a rude shock. He was naked as in stark naked with a towel hung on his shoulders. But that wasn’t what gave her the shock. His dick hanging freely between his legs was dangerous. Limp as it was, it was huge, and Ada was finally beginning to believe the tale about tall slim guys with huge dicks.

John had an eyebrow raised as he looked at Ada stare him down. At first he was shocked that someone had entered his apartment without him knowing. The greater shock was the ‘someone’ was Ada. What did she want? And if he didn’t know better he could bet she was staring at his dick. He made no move to cover up, he was in his apartment and he had every right to be naked.

See ehn John, don’t ever in your life try what you tried today again o” she finally found her voice.

What did I try?”, now he was really confused. He had not seen Ada all day till about an hour ago when he noticed her leaving the viewing center.She moved closer to him, dropping her hands to her side. Seems all her body system was on auto now. Even when she had spoken there was no anger in her voice.“If you ever call me out again during a match ehn, it won’t be funny at all. Watch your match, let me watch mine in peace. If you do it again ehn

Now he was really shocked. Took a few seconds to recollect his thoughts then bursted out laughing. He couldn’t believe this was what she was all straight about.“Wait, wait so that’s why you came to my room. Ada you are funny o, it was just football na, its normal. In short if I call you out again, what would happen?”What happened next he could never have imagined. She reached out and grabbed his dick. Squeezing a little, he yelled out in pain.

Just try it again and you would see”, Ada breathed out in more of a moan rather than a speech all because the dick she was holding was growing within her grasp.John felt pain at first and was gradually loving the feel of her hand around his dick. His breathing was getting heavier as he thought of how to reply her. His head took for him as his hands went right round her and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her closer. He was half-expecting a slap or something but definitely not the response he got. She moaned and melted into his arms as she started stroking his dick slowly. He could feel her erect nipples against the Arsenal jersey she still had on. He bent over to kiss her neck and across her shoulder as he was gently pushing her towards the bed which was behind her. As if she could read his mind, she changed position and pushed him forcefully on the bed, he looked up at her as she stood over him. She stared at him for a while before grabbing her jersey by the helm and yanked it off. She then turned around and started peeling off the leggings she had on, slowly wriggling her ass as she did so.

John stared at the ass before him and started stroking himself. He couldn’t hold it, it was just too much. The sight of a naked Ada. She had only her bra and panties on. She turned around to look at him and was taken aback to see him stroking himself. Surprisingly it turned her on the more but she wasn’t going to rush. She knelt before him and slapped his hands away from his dick. She looked at it hungrily and could see his pre-cum slowly trickling down the side of his dickcap. Her tongue shot out and proceeded to lick it up. She kissed his cap making sure her lips did most of the job and with no further ado started to suck him off with no hands. Her hands had dropped down into her panties starting a different work of their own with her clits, rubbing them furiously.

John wasn’t on the earthly realm anymore. This wasn’t even heaven because of all the definition of heaven he had heard/read about, none could match this. He had gotten head from different girls and none had ever put him on the brink of orgasm. He always made it a point of bragging that no girl could ever make him cum with only her mouth. And here was Ada sucking the life of him with no hands just her mouth. God, he was holding on, he didn’t want to cum this early and look like a small boy. He started thinking of other things that could take his mind off the warm mouth his dick was in right now. Closing his eyes, he thought of Iya kudi who sold food across the road, he thought of when he was a kid and usually wet the bed, he thought of everything but his dick. He was making progress until he felt her mouth leave his dick. He opened his eyes just in time to see that she had taken off her bra and before he could utter any word, she placed between her boobs and started fucking her own boobs with his dick. Her hands holding them together. Even the wall of china couldn’t stop him, he let out his cum with a loud grunt. He spilled all over her boobs. ‘Fuck, I don eff up o’ he thought to himself as he gathered his thoughts. He closed his eyes and slowly opened one to sneak a peek at Ada. She was standing now, rubbing his sperm all around her boobs. She then looked at him.

Oga lie down, I didn’t say sleep off o, just lie down” She blurted out.Without questioning her, he did as he was told. His eyes were now fully closed due to embarrassment. ‘Wetin this girl wan do again? Didn’t she notice his dick was now limp’? He could feel her climbing over him, was she planning to ride a limp dick? What was going on? Time to talk o, he opened his eyes just in time to see her climbing over his chest. In a matter of seconds her pussy was over his mouth, panties gone! She grabbed his head and shoved it on her pussy.

Eat me!

Today he was definitely taking orders, he thought about complaining again but the wet flesh rubbing against his lips made him think otherwise. He opened his mouth and let his tongue out. He licked right across her clits and got a moan in reply. He kissed her pussy fully motivated by the moans he was getting in reply. He began to suck and lick all inside her pussy. Lapping her clits out occasionally. He thought he was doing perfect till he heard

John eat that pussy! Don’t lick, eat!

Oh boy, she wanted to be eaten well she was going to get it. He kissed her clits one more time before clenching his teeth on her pussy, his whole mouth was on her. He probed deeper with his tongue, rolled her pussy lips with his tongue. His hands had found home on her ass and he squeezed them tight as he blew air into her pussy and continue eating her up.

Ada moans were at a high level now, her thighs closed tighter around John’s head. One of her hands on his head ruffling up his hair while her other hand was on her boobs squeezing and teasing her nipples. Her orgasm was already here she could no longer think or feel anything else. She started whining up her waist on John’s mouth, as if he could read her mind, he stretched out his tongue. She was basically dancing on his tongue.

Oh Godddd! John, I’m cummming!! Oh Christ! Fuck! John” She screamed out loud.

John hurriedly pushed her ass up a little as she came. Her cum dripping on his forehead. She fell on the other side of the bed feeling spent. He sat up and looking down at his dick which was now hard and aching. He reach beneath his bed searching frantically for one of the many condoms he kept there. He finally hit the jackpot as his hand hit one. He brought it out and went about getting it on. He could see Ada was breathing slowly and had her eyes closed. He was going to get his own side of the fuck o no matter what. Finally with the condom on, he grabbed her ass and pulled it up, one hand pressing her face into the bed, her ass was raised and her pussy was in full view.

With the other hand he guided his throbbing dick into her hurriedly. She let out a scream, he didn’t care, he began fucking her with force, grabbing and squeezing her ass at intervals.Ada was lost, his huge dick was in her and she was powerless, the pleasure it gave her was too much to explain. She didn’t know how long he fucked her for till she felt her pussy closing together and she came around his dick.The feeling of her pussy gripping his dick was too much for John to take, not even the thoughts of some weird or awkward could stop him as he shot his load all into the condom and collapsed right on Ada. He rolled over and took the condom off his fast shrinking dick and tossed it on the floor. They both lay in silence coming back to sanity. He stretched out and patted her ass.

So if I should call you out again during a match, what would you do?” He askedIn response, her hand went straight down to his dick. She didn’t grab or stroke him, she pulled at his balls and this time it was in real pain he yelled out!

Happy #Brazil2014



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  1. Wow, this killed me completely…I was so hard reading this that I couldn’t stand up for 5mins cos I was embarrassed!

  2. *clearsthroat…….erm now I don’t wanna see any gurl on Arsenal jersey. I’ll be like #Ada Ada Ada…..o sweeti Ada……Omo see me see Ada Ada. #Adaobi by Mavin Records

  3. It’s a very cool blog with awesome intellectual talks, carry on with the good work, bless

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