21!!! 21 Lives Snatched in a Blast!!!

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“Abba, takalma na sun chinye, dan Allah ka saya mun sabo”, Amina said sitting on her dad’s knee. Musa contemplated her request for new school shoes, he looked at the ones on her feet, truly, they had holes in them, you could see they had been patched several times and his wife Zarau probably bought them second-hand from Wuse Market. He shook his head, then smiled at her, he said “this evening, when I am coming back from work, I will bring you a pair of brand new shoes!” She smiled, gave him a hug and ran to meet her mum, who was fanning the flames on their kerosene stove. Musa got into his unpainted cab and drove to Emab Plaza, where he was on the cab rank.


Binta was very happy! Finally, her father had agreed for Dayo to marry her. She knew it was because her…

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