Touching Tweets from ManU fans and Concerned spectators

After Manchester United couldn’t defeat Burnley in their 3rd premier League game to raise their league points, here are some reactions that caught my eyes on twitter Piers Morgan Killed it as usual… LMAOOOO

I truly hope they get out of this slump like tweetoracle called it. LOOOLClick here to join our Facebook group where we can have fun and interact. Catch me if you can Do not forget to subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.Join our BBM channel. Channel pin: C002984DE or just search “elsieisy’s blog”Got something you want us to talk about or feel like sharing?? Send your topics/articles to or .. Anonymous or decide.

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  1. United are on my most hated list…hope this is their beginning falling from grace like LFC all those years back…the wheel must turn

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