Minding Your Business is Not Easy

Minding Your Business is Not Easy - elsieisy blog

As much as we shout these 3 words – ‘mind your business‘, I have realised that it is a very hard thing to do and it requires a great deal of discipline.

Last week Thursday, a senior friend of mine did not go to his office because he had some urgent external business to attend to. Everybody seems to have that these days or recession will come hugging like you are it’s long lost bae. LOL

He was done with his errands early enough so he came to pick me for lunch and so we headed to one of the Amala joints in the area. I could never turn that down. I would rather initiate the movement sef. I mean, we are talking Amala here guys!

Minding Your Business is Not Easy - elsieisy blog

Anyways, we got to the joint and I saw a familiar face. The familiar face is a lady who I used to see at my hair salon. The last I knew was that she was learning how to make hair and it is expected that when she is done, she moves on to open her own hair salon or work as a stylist in other hair salons. I waved at her and she smiled. She came forward to find out what we wanted.Then I said ‘you are no longer at the salon?” she said, ‘yes’, that she left. I couldn’t ask further questions because we have this communication barrier. She has speech impediment and there was no way I could communicate well.She served us and left. I told my friend how she used to work at my hair salon and how surprised I was to see her here but then, it’s all about survival. We talked about challenges in the country and so on, had the Amala which I didn’t really enjoy but well…Anyways, fast-forward to Saturday, I went to make my hair. You know that kinda salon visit you don’t plan but it just happens? Yes! That’s the kind. I went in there to spend about 2 – 3hours changing my look. Women palava sha...I was about to tell the owner of the Hair Salon how I saw her apprentice now selling Amala. Of course that will mean describing the lady, talking about her impediment for my hair dresser to understand then lead to asking her how she left and why she is not practicing. HmmmI stopped myself and believe me when I say it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I started asking myself series of questions; from how it is my business to what the information will do for me? I tried speaking the second time till I was able to defeat the urge to gossip another lady and minding my business.So believe me when I say ‘minding your business is not easy’ but you have to try! – Mind your business. Battle with the inner demons and win! Some conversations are so not necessary.

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