There was something about Nkem that made him uncomfortable. She was unlike the other two girls who seemed excited and willing to do anything including some girl-on-girl action. She was calm. Eerily so… and Donald didn’t like it. For some unfathomable reason, she scared him and he couldn’t understand why. The last time he felt this way, he was staring at a gun pointed at his forehead. Carlos has meant to kill him and it was only by some stroke of luck that he remained alive. The incident left Donald a shaky, uncoordinated mess but he was glad he survived. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for Carlos. A week later, a rival drug-gang had mysteriously discovered his hide-out and paid him an unscheduled visit. The police found Carlos in his boat; his body riddled with so many bullets, he looked like a human colander. The body count on ‘Ave Maria’ that evening totaled ten and the police knew the killers would never be found.  A classic Cold-Case-File.

Donald didn’t mourn the loss of Carlos and his henchmen. As a matter of fact, he celebrated the occasion with a bottle of Jack Daniels. He was now a free man. No more drops. No more unnecessary risks. No more laying awake at night, sweating and praying that Carlos would forgive him and not have him killed.  And he had the rival gang to thank for this. After tipping them off anonymously, Donald had taken the first flight out of Brazil. He heard about Carlos’ death on CNN and Al-Jazeera and heaved a relieved sigh. He had enough of Carlos’ cocaine in his possession to start up independent deliveries and he knew clients that would need his merchandize and pay him promptly.

He carefully poured the contents of the small cigarette case on the clear-glass vanity in the bathroom. Using a shaving stick from the bathroom cabinet, he arranged the powder in two thin tracks, making sure the lines were perfect. He was finicky with his cocaine, not because it was expensive; but because he savored the powder too much to let a speck go to waste. He deftly rolled up a one thousand naira note and took a snort up one nostril. The euphoria of the drug never ceased to amaze him. Another quick snort up the other nostril and he could feel himself charge… ready for battle. He loved the feel and power he got from his little fixes and was ready to take on the three ladies that were patiently waiting for him in the bedroom. His thoughts returned to Nkem but strangely, the feeling of unease had passed. He made up his mind that he was going to fuck her first and would make sure he punished her sexually for reminding him of Carlos. Donald ran the tap and splashed some water on his face. He could feel himself getting hard as he headed out of the bathroom.

He entered the bedroom and was greeted with the sight of Tina and Eno naked and engaged in oral pleasures, their mannerism lacking the finesse of professional whores. Instead, they were upon each other like hungry leeches. Not surprising, Nkem didn’t join the party. Indeed she was undressed but still had on her panties and bra. Donald’s eyes narrowed at her perfect little body. He shed his robe and approached her in all his naked glory; his eyes boring into hers with deadly determination. Nkem didn’t flinch. She knew what she signed up for and was prepared to take it.

She got up slowly from where she was perched on the bed and remained still as he came to a stop in front of her. She stared back at him, a silent resolve and defiance in her eyes. Donald grabbed her roughly, pulling her to him till his chest grazed hers. Yet she didn’t panic. It was what she expected of him.

She didn’t expect the slap though. It came without warning and landed with biting precision on her face. Her cheek stung at the impact and she felt her eyes burn with tears. He slapped her again for good measure but she didn’t cry. Not a sound. She bit her inner cheek, trying to forestall a sob from breaking forth. She tasted her own blood and realized that she had clenched her teeth too tight. The episode seemed to excite Tina and Eno and their amateurish lesbian act became more frenzied. Donald stared at them through broody eyes as he forcefully turned Nkem around so her buttocks faced him and tore her panties with a swift tug. Nkem resisted. He wasn’t pleased.

“You need to wear a condom” she told him calmly, her expression deadpan. Donald hated to be told what to do and raised his hand to plant another slap but Nkem stopped the palm from making impact by blocking it with both her arms.

“And, beating was not part of the deal. I was supposed to come here, get laid, paid and leave. No one sent me a memo on the added extras”.

Donald chuckled. Then laughed in his typical mockingly arrogant manner. By the time he was through with this bitch, she was going to wake up beside a dumpster and wished she were dead, he thought.

“Get your condom and lets get on with it”, he said with barely concealed venom. Nkem went to get her bag which was seated on the dressing table. Eno detached herself from Tina and crawled on all fours, albeit seductively, towards Donald who was beside the bed. She commenced fellatio on him. He stood there unmoved, staring at Nkem who was opening her bag and reaching into it.

Her hand reached into the recesses of her bag felt cold steel. Nkem, took a deep calming breath and pulled out the Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. She ensured that her hand was comfortable with the weight of the gun before turning to point it at Donald. He didn’t seem surprised. She walked towards him slowly, the gun pointed at his head. Donald’s smile was cold and sly masking the bile of hatred he felt at that instant. Tina gasped in shock as she watched Nkem wield the gun. Eno, oblivious of the happenings around her, was still sucking on Donald’s dick and was rewarded with a firm squeeze on her breast while he guided her movement by moving her head back and forth. He seemed to be enjoying himself despite the gun pointed at him.

“What are you going to do? Shoot me?” he asked with a sneer. “I bet you haven’t used a gun before; you’re holding it all wrong”.

I’ll gladly use you for target practice if I have to…before killing you”, she replied, her calm bellying her panic.

Eno’s lips left Donald’s privates at the bizarre conversation, her shock registering as she turned to see Nkem pointing a gun at him. She sprung out of the bed in a split second and joined Tina who was cowered by a corner of the bedroom. Both ladies were petrified. Donald shook his head at Nkem and smiled indulgently.

“I don’t appreciate anyone pointing a gun at me, least of all a dirty whore like you”, he said in disdain. “Now give me the gun and I promise to let you leave here alive… ”  Nkem took four tentative steps back. Donald sneered and took two steps towards her. He heard her release the safety latch of the gun and stopped, a brief moment of uncertainty crossed his eyes. But only briefly.

“Stop there! If you take one more step, I swear I will shoot you”. Nkem was shaky and afraid. She knew he would kill her without compunction if he managed to wrestle the gun from her. She had to think of something fast.

Donald saw the fear and unease in her eyes and smiled sinisterly. He planned to take the gun from her and snap her neck in two with his bare hands. No piece of slutty-shit would dare point a gun at him for no damned reason and expect to live, he thought with a scowl as he took swift determined steps towards her.

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

(…………… To Be Continued)


Written by Dame Twitter – @Dame_caucus


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