Till After Death

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Maureen Alikor

I remember

when we first locked legs;

it was bliss.

That day we sang loudest

drowning the envious cries of get a room,

that day I saw heaven in your eyes

and resolved never to quit staring.

I remember that day you said

you’d love to be my crown

even for a night

and how I slapped the words back to its root.

I remember the way our fingers entwined,

fitting perfectly into locks

we swore were the best chains ever.

I remember how the trees danced,

how the stars, at night, twinkled,

how the moon shone brighter than the sun at dawn.

I remember how long the journey was

as I walked down the isle

on that day beautiful Friday evening we chose on our fourth date.

I remember slipping in the heavy rock on your fourth finger

as we exchanged satisfied glances

and heavy longings.

Alas we were locked out of the world,

our dream was made real

as I existed with you and you alone.

I called you my crown,

you smiled.

We tango-ed,

we salsa-ed,

we kissed.

We slowly fell on our soft comfy bed

as history was launched.

I gave you my purity,

as you looked on me with such pride.

I called you my crown,

yet again you smiled

but this time, the time pricked my heart

and fear rose in me,

kissing it away,

we saw heaven again.

It’s dawn

and my crown still sleeps,

I planted a peck on his cheek,

it was cold.

I gently shook him

but he was stiff.

I picked up his arm

and it dropped slowly,

It was cold.

Upon his chest, I placed my ears

to catch the faintest of beat,

I heard but loud cries of silence.

Yet again, I remembered that day you said

you’d love to be my crown

even for a night

and how I slapped the words back to its root

and hot sticky tears fell from my eyes.

I remember my heartfelt promises

When I said, I’d rip my heart so you’d see,

how much your name is wrapped around it

and how much it breathes your name.

How I would sing you a song,

of truth and a thousand tales

of how dark nights turned beautiful dawns.

I never forgot the tale of how your hands held me through the fiery darts

hurled by life,

when I lacked words to express the party in my head at the mention of your name.

How I told the hills of your goodness,

the valleys of your comfort.

To the mountains you are a crony

and the shrubs you are my knight.

I would dance

to this uncoordinated music in my head

seeking freedom from my lips.

Today, I would dream and live it real,

bear the stripes of your gentle strokes when we lock toes and click fingers.

Today, tomorrow and always I’d be loving you,

though our time stopped ticking when you kissed earth

with your promises of undying love.

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