A Kiss of Gold


By Scott Thomas Outlar

The greatest jewels,

the most precious gems,

the rarest baubles,

the most fragile trinkets,

the largest house,

the shiniest car…

all the signs of

luxury, riches, and wealth –

What matter any of these items

if one does not have good health?

Becoming wrapped up in the material persuasions

of this physical world,

while certainly entertaining

and enjoyable

in some circumstances

when pleasure is running high,

ultimately leads to the same destination

as all other lifestyles

after the mortal coil untwines

and the sphere of the soul

spirals out

to the next stage of consciousness.

Which is to say:


have fun with the pursuits of the flesh

if that’s your wish,

but don’t forget

that karma’s kiss

will eventually be placed on your lips…

so it might not be the worst idea

to get rid of some of that weight

before the scales are tipped.

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  1. Vanity indeed, don’t forget karma too, it has no menu, u get served what you deserve… Gbam!

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