Love, Actually

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry by Adeleke Adekunle 

February 14th was usually the day I hated most in my life. It was the day I lost my wife, Anita. She died in a motor accident while coming home on that fateful day, eight years ago. Since then every other valentine day had been a very bad one for me until just yesterday. I met Anna on my way from a business meeting , she was elegant and stood with poise on the roadside waiting for a mechanic to come and repair her car.

I was so intrigued by her resemblance with my wife that I had to park my car in order to meet her. I got down and walked towards her gesturing my hands in a friendly manner. She was really beautiful , average height and plaited her rich black hair in a traditional way. Her skin was well toned and it glowed under the Saturday sun. She spoke back at me, gesturing her hand to recieve my impending handshake. She responded to my greetings in a gracious manner and told me her name and that she was a poet. This made me more interested in her, not only was she beautiful but also well mannered and most of all was a poet like my wife. While shaking her, I noticed she had no ring on her finger and this prompted me to offer a ride since she told me she had to go for a meeting which she was already late for. She locked her car and entered my car.

Our successive discussion in the car made me realize how much we had in common and how she just recovered from a severe break up and wasnt ready for any relationship.We later shared our love for poetry and just then she told me she had gotten to her destination. I stopped the car, we exchanged numbers and I went on my way thinking of when next I would see this new light at the possible end of a dark tunnel of loneliness of eight years.

It was in my second year of marriage when I lost my wife. My friends and family begged me to marry another wife. But not until now did I really feel the need to have a loving companion, afterall i was only in my mid thirties. Several days passed , I decided to write Anna a poem since we bought shared the passion of poetry and maybe she would reply the poems for she hasn’t responded to my calls.

The poem read;

     “Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining

       My love like the sun for it’s ever-shining

       Knowing you brought me green grace and a purple hart

       More melodies to my heart, keys on the Mozart

       I was spiralling in a tunnel of darkness until you made me sober

       Making me a complete ten, a cast from October

       All these I once felt mournfully, shattered tears , acted scornfully

       Now I feel whole -not shamefully, tears dried , none wastefully

       Your presence is a new start for a new life

       A grace from above , all that is right and knows no strife

       For with you , I see a brighter day and an open door

       All filled with joy, love , far beyond and evermore”.

I printed the poem out and sent it to her via email which I had gotten from the business card she had given me earlier. I didn’t want to go and look for her so I wouldn’t feel desperate. And I waited for her reply. I waited in absolution and hoped she felt exactly what I felt for her.

Two weeks passed, and I finally got a message on my email , which read ;

     “Love is one word with too many definitions

       Something that is more than verbal descriptions

       How are you sure that is what you feel ?

       If not ? , How should i still remain on my heel ?

       All these questions will remain unanswered

       Unless you know about all the feelings you have gathered

       I would love to give love a chance , and hope in advance

       That you would soon take love’s place ,and lead on a romance.

Her words were confusing but all in all I knew she was willing to give me a chance at love. What else can I say but hope for love, actually

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    1. Wow there is a great feeling of reality in this poem this is awesome guy keep it upThe sky is the limit

  1. Although there were some mistakes, but this is the most creative write up so far. Mixing a blend of poetry and prose. To mw the poems were the highlight and i think that is the major reason elsie put yours at the latter end of publishing. I would like to see you win the cash prize. I am regular reader of the elsie blog

  2. The title , the poems , and finally d ending paragraph showed a professional work display.. see u @ d top

  3. Really creative saw the link on your instagram page, ????, keep it up. Be my val..

  4. @Elsie nice job trying to inspire new writers. Keep,it up. To be sincer this is the most captivating and quite confusing story

  5. Lol. Oh emm gee…..favourite line..”what else could i hope for than love, actually ” bust my head….i am obsessed with u

  6. All the books i have read, all the poems always said true love was meant to share

  7. Hmmn, the poems were simple and precise. The prose was very associative. Kudos boo. ?

  8. Why Did u use my name, naughty boy….???? Me,i will not die oooo…I,will,last for my booo …..Nice one , the poem was awesome…rhyming perfect

  9. 200 Level pharmacy pride, this is our starboy… we support you die

  10. I am stealing your poem to write to my crush, keep it up. All Those rhymes ehn. U dey kill person

  11. Star boy of pharmacy class 200level (unilag), you rock. Sho’dem sho’dem *korede bello voice* u are the star…future chinua

  12. Like Anna who was willingly to give love a chance i think everyone should give this a chance, it’s really beautiful

  13. Wow , elsie we have a winner, this shouldnt even be based on no. Of comments. But, sense of creativity. All of these pple are great, but only this guy had a mixture of prose and poetry. This is by far most creative of all

  14. This is beyond my comprehension, how could you even rhyme a whole sentence . Please send me ya number , do you write rap songs. Jayz should be proud

  15. Good.keep up the good work.thank God am not the only one liking it.over 70 comments .wow

  16. Enter your comment here…bin searching for a word to qualify this great piece of intuitive handwork but pardon me to use d understatement “fantastically supreme nd wonderful” keep it rolling Starboy!!!!!!

  17. Kunle,my pharm-poet. I will never cease to be amazed by your wild,wide,wise and witty imagination. More grease to your elbow bro.~Dena

  18. Elsie valentine don go….but i still dey feel the love love…in this story kwwaaaa…Nwa babey …i dey feeling feelin u

  19. Awesome , even other writers are commenting on this write up. Elsie ..u know the winner already

  20. Well…i submitted by write up too. But ..Okay…enough about me.This is awesome .

  21. Just passing . I have practically commented on all stories.This one stands out the most.Finding love with,the use of poems reminiscent of shakepearan days,

  22. We support originality Elsie , here is an original piece written under 10minutes , who does that

  23. 200 Comments. Elsie would be happy on how you brought attention to her blog. I love it

  24. Skibo robo skibo skibo robo skibo yehba ohshey baddestgo and call auntie Elsiey IsyTell her to come and see this see thisStarboy lawa mu o jare With the story love actuallyTell them..Best piecePart 1 pharmacy’s got Talent

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