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I just dey shake head for myself as I walked back to my room. which kain parole con be this? How did I even end up in this situation? Yes! Na ‘Situation’ I go call na? When you end up with a lesbian that likes you, isn’t that a situation? Imagine, she even said we should go to the cinema together. What’s the purpose of going to a cinema with a girl and I no go fit tap current, ehn?! Answer me.

I got to the room and just took off my kicks and fell on the bed. I let out a scream into the pillow! Why, why me? Menn, na sleep sure pass. After a stupid day like this, a good night sleep is all that is required.

Knock! Knock!

When would this Bode boy ever have the sense to just enter? Why he go dey knock like imbecile?

Knock! Knock!

If he don ready, he go enter. I didn’t move a muscle.

Shey weyreh e no dey house abi dem don jack your room door ni?“..ehn that voice tho!

I opened my eyes and raised my head a little off the pillow. Can’t be possible. The door opened up and someone’s stomach entered followed by the body. No, no, it couldn’t be.

Fool! So you wan talk say you no hear person dey knock?!

Blakkie was back!


I kept looking at my watch at intervals, after my conversation with Yemisi earlier in the evening, I had gone to the nearest ATM machine I could find and withdrew six thousand naira. So much for savings…had given Yemisi four thousand naira since she said she could get a room around for three thousand and one thousand naira for her services. Now I was seated in a Chicken republic with Latifah seated right across me. Bulging two thousand in my wallet had made me ask her to order anything she wanted. Another thousand, two fifty gone.

Wait, why the hell was I calculating money when I should be enjoying her company and looking forward to tonight’s sex with Yemisi?

So what time to what time would you be working from“, Latifah’s question brought me back to reality. She was done with the meal she had ordered and was smiling at me.

Errrm I don’t really know yet but I was asked to resume at work before nine sha

Nine? Hmm well you would still have enough time to beat regular Lagos traffic

I know, I’m even happy. Even if I was asked to resume at seven, it’s still something. One gets to be responsible“.

I know, right“, she giggled. She looked really adorable as an angel would, if only she knew what was up with me and Yemisi.

Oya let’s go, I want a drink“..She said as she stood up.

“Huh? What drink? don’t they have drinks here?“…what drink was she talking about now?

Just follow me“, she put her hands in the pocket of the hoodie she was wearing and walked out. I recovered from my dumb question and followed her. I got out and couldn’t find her, where did she disappear to now? I looked around and still no sign of her. I dipped my hand into my jeans and whipped out my phone. I was about dialling her number when I spotted her across the road at one of the paraga joints. What now? I put my phone back in and crossed over.

Why were you looking round like Sulu?”, she asked with probing eyes.

I didn’t quickly see you, what drink do you want to have here?“, I had never really understood the kind of drinks that were sold at these joints only that they were alcoholic and dangerous. There were two guys seated on a small bench with two plastic cups and an empty ragolis bottle in from of them. An old woman was right infront of them with a huge bowl on a stool. The bowl had all sorts of bottle in it and a row of plastic cups right beside it. And now she was talking to Latifah.

E wo lo fe, oko mi“(which one do you want, my dear)

E jo E fun mi ni opa Eyin“(please give me Opan Eyin)

Then Latifah turned to me

Which one do you want?

“Me ke? I don’t want o, I don’t know any of the drinks here“.

Shior, sulu” she shook her head and turned back to the woman.

E fun ni afato ati opa Eyin,e’ da po“(give him afato and opa eyin mixed together)

The woman merely nodded and proceeded to start opening different bottles and mixing up different concoctions in two plastic cups. Lord knows what was in those bottles. After about a minute of mixing and mixing, she gave a cup to Latifah and stretched out one in my direction. Then she nodded towards another bench in the corner that I hadn’t noticed. Latifah pulled my arm and led me to the bench. I didn’t know what to do, I just sat down staring at the cup in hand with the dark liquid in it. God knows what had been combined to give it that colour. Since it was night already, I couldn’t really say.

Stop embarrassing me and drink it jor” Latifah spat out in disgust…embarrassing her ke? I looked up and noticed the two other guys staring at me. Fuck this. I closed my eyes and downed the liquid in two gulps.

Jesu! You didn’t even cool down. You aren’t supposed to rush it“, She leaned over and whispered to me while I was still coming to terms with the bitter hot liquid running down my throat and settling in my stomach.

Before I could ask why, Latifah ordered me another cup. It wasn’t so bad though once the bitter taste washed off. The old lady brought me another cup which I accepted with grace. I held the cup like a pro and didn’t rush. Latifah started off light conversation and I joined in, sipping on the concoction like it was gin and juice. This is really nice.

Latifah rested her shoulder on me as the second cup went down and I don’t think I have ever felt happier in my life. I looked up to the skies and seriously, I could count all the stars up there. I think I could even touch them. I was about reaching up for them when my phone beeped. I quickly reached for it to check up who had flashed me. The name on the screen showed Yemisi..ermm Yemisi, Yemisi, which Yemisi is this again? I scratched my head and told Latifah to excuse me. I stood up and walked a few meters then called back the ‘Yemisi’..

Hello, sorry who is this?!

Bode, you well?! Na Yemisi jor! I dey cyclones guest house, room 15! Abi you no wan fuck again?!“…my dick nodded, I don’t know any Yemisi but I could fuck any na!

My customer fumble so I just say make I kuku find room make we fuck jare

Errr sorry o, how do I get to Cyclones?

Just stop any okada, tell am say you dey go cyclones guest house for ojuelegba“, I didn’t even end the call or remember that I had left Latifah on seat at the paraga joint. I just stretched out my hand and stopped an okada.

Cyclones guest house

Two fifty“, I think he said

Ok, five hundred“, the bible said love your neighbour as yourself or something like that. I hopped on the okada and he took off. I was feeling really light headed as the wind hit me and I felt like flying..I stretched out my hands.

Oga which one you dey do, abeg sit down well, no let us get accident o

Huh? I snapped back to reality and adjusted myself. What was wrong with me?! I closed my eyes and started counting one to a hundred. Was at eighty eight when…

Oga we don reach there o“, I didn’t hop off, Literally jumped off and whipped out my wallet. Gave the bikeman a five hundred naira note and walked off with his praises ringing out behind me. Walked majestically and was about asking for room what was the number again oo when I heard..

Ahan you fly reach here ni?“, I turned around to see a familiar face. Ooh this was the Yemisi! What’s wrong with me? These girls lives in aso rock now abi? And here she was rocking a tank top and bumshort that was sagged revealing a really amazing ass! Damn it, my boxers needed readjustment.

No, I didn’t fly. I took a bike

Na you sabi, sha follow card I wan go buy before sef, no worry make we go room“.. She turned and started walking off in the direction of the supposed ‘room’. I followed like a lamb been led to slaughter. My boxers needed readjustment. I started unhooking my belt buckle as we were walking to the room. I slid a hand into my boxers and started stroking my dick. Wasn’t even sure it was my dick I was holding. Felt like a piece of rock or something. It didn’t matter, stroking it felt so good as I watched the ass walk before me. She got to a door and opened it, turned and looked at me.

Jesus, agro don dey hold you since ni?”

That was the point I snapped! I pushed her in and slammed the door behind us. I saw her face light up in shock, I didn’t care. I just grabbed her by the ass and pulled her close as I started kissing her neck roughly and fondling her nipples through her top. The nipples responded to my touch and I knew I was on point. I kissed down from her neck to the tip of her shoulders and turned her around roughly. I placed my right hand on her upper body and pushed downwards till she got the hint and she reach her hands forward and grabbed her ankles. My left hand spent a few seconds fumbling around with my belt and trouser, finally got the damn thing off..boxers dropped to my knees. Her hands had done the work of getting her bumshorts off her ass and it was heaven when I slammed my dick deep into her pussy!


Yeah, call your maker I thought to myself as I started fucked her like the prostitute she was. I grabbed a handful of her round ass and squeezed hard, I heard a whimper. Good, I raised my hand and spanked the shit out of the ass. It vibrated and bounced back on my dick that was going in and out of her wet pussy like a pumping machine. I used my knee to nudge her legs further apart as I kept spanking her ass with at the intervals of five thrusts.

Please, please“…was she pleading. I didn’t have to guess for long as her legs gave way and she was splashing all over the room like a fountain. I pulled my dick out and let her fall to the floor. I think she’s sobbing, is she? Or? Wait I hadn’t cum! I took off the rest of my clothings and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up.

Please, wait, wait make I“..I didn’t wait to hear the rest of her pleas as I flung her like a piece of paper on the bed and immediately followed her and sat on her face. I threw a hand backwards and found her pussy. I started jerking two fingers in and out of her while my free hand forced her mouth open and I had my dick in there. Fucking her mouth like it was another pussy. I stuck my dick deep down her throat and made her choke on it. She kept wiggling beneath me but each time my fingers in her pussy kept reminding her of the pleasure here. I fucked her mouth and made sure she tasted and sucked my whole dick. Then I had an idea. I started finger fucking her faster n harder till she cried out her second orgasm then I got off her.

I headed to where my clothes lay and took my belt off my trousers. I looked back at the bed to see her gasping for air. None of my business. I was going to enjoy this I thought to myself as I went back to her. I grabbed both her hands.

Boddee, weetin you wan do?” She managed to stutter out in a moan-like voice. As usual I didn’t answer. I simply proceeded to fastening her hands to the bed post with my belt. Then came down to her. I kissed between her lovely boobs as she started kicking at me, I just held her thighs down with my hands and kissed her navel. Then left a trail with my tongue right down to her pussy. I gave her clits a deep kiss and felt her thighs relax. I stuck my tongue right between those meaty clits and began sucking her juice. She tasted like some sort of alcohol, I couldn’t get enough of her. I kissed, sucked and even finger-fucked her again before my dick nodded reminding me of its presence. I grabbed both her legs and crossed them around my neck as I was rubbing my dick and left thumb on her clits.

Bode, abeg fuck me! No kill me

It wasn’t her pleasure I was after, it was mine! This time my dick went into her with a fury I never knew existed. My first thrust into her and I could feel her pussy grip my dick and splash out once more. I didn’t wait for recovery this time. I fucked her like Samson with a vengeance on Delilah. I grabbed, pinced and twerked her nipples. I sucked on her neck, ears, lips..I did everything and anything I could think of while my dick was pumping deep into her. She must have cummed about a million times before I looked into her eyes and saw her pupils pleading with me. I lost it then… I could feel something hot burning through my pelvis. I rushed up and got out of her, stood over her and started stroking my dick once more. It felt hot but felt good as I spilled my sperm all over her face and more importantly her mouth. Then I fell off the bed and to the floor.

I could count the stars, you know I said I could.


Written by BASS @OlumiCFC


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