AMOUR DANS FERS - elsieisy blog poetry

By Samuel Shenkoya

I am tired of looking deep into nothingI am a caveman waiting for a prey to fall dead at my front doorI dreamt we could make it to EdenWith our hands clasped togetherBut the wind took you awayThe wind of Virility and RapacityI painted you dressed in black tunicNot with a bouquet but with my portraitI didn’t see grief, I saw a smirkWe slept on a bed of lies for yearsI had my blood in your MetraWe had a sempiternal CovenantIt was heaven the stound it lastedI never knew hell was what awaited meNow I burn for all your IniquitiesThat is the destination where Love dropped meIn the Underworld of Eternal damnation!

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  1. Love can hurt, love can disappoint you and can make you cry. But when you find that true love you just feel loved all the way.

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