The House XIII

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 I no fit laugh..Boka is just a big fool! And Bello had already said this sort of thing could happen. Well, it’s all’s like everyone expected. The compound was silent as everyone watched Uti grab one of Boka’s arm and headed to his room. Trust me, you don’t want to know what’s going to happen in there. I turned around to stare small at the girls abi make I see free boobi small. Chei Mimi’s nipples sha..Man fit commit murder because of them. Yemisi had only a top and panties on and I didn’t want to stare too much so as not to get a hard on. The rest too were in various forms of nakedness and yet again there was that new girl among them that I didn’t know her name. The girl just camp up ontop bed like say she no even hear anything wey dey go on. The way her ass was high up ehn..I would get to know her sooner or later.

“Ehen Oga Sesan, wetin you still dey wait for? Abi you sef wan collect security fee ni?”..Mimi with the sharp mouth spoke up and the rest bursted out laughing. I smiled…

No problem as far say na in kind una go pay“…

You no see am ashewo! Na that kain thing he go like“…

I was laughing as I left their room…an ashewo calling me an ashewo. The irony of life.

Omo going to school was no longer on my mind. All I wanted to do right now was to go back to bed and started thinking about my date later this evening with Seyi. Abi wetin I go call am? Na date noni.


Useless set of people! Dem just wan spoil person parole this morning. The God of Abraham and Isaac is behind me..mtsccchhewww! Make I sharply go finish with the person wey dey my room before parole cast finish. I look around well before I open my door. Loco and Bello dey front of him room dey gist. Imagine, early Monday morning o? Jobless fellows. Sesan don waka enter him room, I sure say na sleep that one wan go sleep. That one no b human only Cynthia I see wey carry bucket dey go well fetch water. I shake my head as I enter room back sharply lock door for back.

Who and who dey fight?“ d first thing wey Latifah ask as I turn around face am. Imagine the girl never even take off clothes. Why she con come here early morning na? No be to fuck ni?

 “Nobody, na Uti dey perform signs and miracles“..

 ” Oh ok“…chei, see the girl hips as she sit down for my bed. I fit bet my papa head say she no wear any pant under that jeans. we don already conclude say she no wear bra with the way wey her nipples and my eyes dey do Tom and Jerry.

Ben, its you I came to see o. About a serious issue“…see introduction o, who she come see before? She come my room dey tell me say na me she come see. No o, e for b God, Jesus and the holy spirit she come see. I sha smile.

 “What’s the problem“..

I need to borrow money from you, the man helping me with my admission at Ilorin called yesterday night and I gast send am 30k by Wednesday“…

I pull chair sit down as she talk this thing..I scratch my beards. This matter don take another dimension o. 30k? Mbanu, this girl think say I resemble maga ni. 30k to fuck one pussy wey I fit waka across the compound pay 30k to fuck for one month and dem go even dey feed me join.

I still dey scratch my beards when she stand up come kneel down before me. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death abi how them dey recite that prayer for church. Angel reply my prayer with ‘my son, you sef fight temptation! Tell that girl make she stand up!.

Ben, please I really need this money. If I don’t send it by Wednesday, I wouldn’t go to school this year.”..See She-devil as she put hand for my thighs dey rub am. 30k?

Her hands don dey write numbers for my belt…’I fear no evil. Forty five thousand wey dey my account na to settle Baba landlord and manage for the new few weeks. Na so she dip her hand inside my boxers o! Chineke! See as hand warm. I adjust well. But I fit give am out of the money na. And I go dey dodge baba landlord abi make I even use that she and Yemisi collabo matter fuck am and I no go pay shingbain! No, the fuck no go sweet that way. She pinch me for dickcap

 “Ok, I would give you out of..” She no even let me finish the statement as her mouth just follow inside my boxers begin suck my dick wey don dey nod like agama since she enter. She begin suck me fast. Haaaa, hoooo this girl wan make I release quick ni. The devil is a liar. I stand up push am small as she bounce sit down for bed. I look her eyes, I go fuck ur lungs comot today. I sharply comot my shorts and shirt. She sef don wriggle out of her jeans. No time o, I don dey find how I go fuck am all these days. See free chance. But 30k? Na part of the money I wan give her na! Maybe she no hear. Make I fuck finish first, she take off her top omo see as nipples big. I climb ontop her, throw one of her legs for my shoulders. If I no suck one of the nipples before I start, God fit no allow me enter heaven. I bend down begin suck the boobi like say my mama no breastfeed me when I small. I use one hand hold my dick well dey rub her pussy. As I put am in..She scream!


3pm: and I didn’t feel like going home yet but I had to. Was tired but was well worth it. I had gotten the job. Working in the PR department of Future Oil, chei money don land as Boka would say. I can’t believe I’m quoting Boka. I smiled and shook my head as I turned into the street heading to the house. My steps were slow walking I remembered what a friend had once said..‘It’s only a poor man that’s always in a rush, a rich man takes his time‘..which was true, you would hardly find a rich man talking fast on the phone and walking fast on the road that’s if they are even walking on the road.

I had to resume work by next week Monday which means I had about six days to do whatever I wanted. First, I had to fuck that Yemisi girl to my satisfaction. Need to go to bank and withdraw o. Had little cash on me..hmm maybe I’d stroll to an ATM later in the evening jare. Now I just want to crash!

As I opened the house gate I bumped into Latifah. Huh!

Oh sorry“..I quickly stuttered as I looked at her properly. Her top made it obvious she had no bra o and her hair look really unkempt like someone who had just finished fighting or just woke up. What happened?

Hey Bode, how are you?” She said with a smile and quick hug, my dick started to search for a body interview..

 “I am fine, are you ok?

Yes jare, been sleeping all day just woke up and quickly came to check someone“..

Oo ok” that explains it sha.

I’ve got good news sef, what are you doing later this evening?“…maybe I cud get double fuck sef.

Nothing, you want to take me out?” She asked with that smile again.

I shined teeth as I said yes. She nodded and told me to buzz her when it was time. Today couldn’t get any better as I turned and entered the house. Got to the room and not unexpected met Sesan at home in a shocking manner! Sesan was looking stunning #NoHomo! The guy was sporting a nice jeans and polo top and was already lacing up his Adidas Gazelle footwear. Wahala dey o, I had never seen him wear that footwear, it was always kept on the wardrobe. I was beginning to think it was for poster sha. And the clothes he was wearing, did he keep them for special occasion. What was happening?

Guy guy, how far..come I need that your perfume“..

Help! I had an alien in the room!

“Guy no dey look me like zombie na, borrow me that your perf”..I merely nodded and walked up to the wardrobe. Rummaged around and threw him the Kenneth Cole perfume I had sold and arm to buy. I just stood looking at him as he sprayed a little on his neck n wrist and threw it back to me. Stood up, adjusted his shirt and parted me on the back. I didn’t even ask where he was going. I was too stunned to.


Na God know the kain stupid sleep wey I go sleep. Chei, I for go sleep pass gauge. Thank God.

Guy“..I heard a voice behind me and turned around to see a sober Boka Alive?!! I mean what was he still doing alive?!

You know say wetin you do me no good

Wetin I do you?!” I had no time for this jare.

See as you deny me this morning“..

See Boka, no b me kooba your life. I dey run go somewhere. Make I come back“..and with that I turned away. Now I couldn’t go through the back door to the main building else Boka would start suspecting again what was up. So I turned around and went in through the main entrance. Took a deep breath as I started walking slowly to Seyi’s room. I got to her door, counted one to five and knocked.

Who’s it? I’m coming“..her sweet voice came from within.

It’s Sesan“..chei I don hammer today, I adjusted my shirt.

The door opened and she stood before me in a bum short and plain white T’s..those long legs again! Damn. But that wasn’t what took my attention. It was the smell of weed..who dey smoke for inside main house? Abi Loco don dey upstairs with Baba landlord ni.

Sorry my room’s a mess right now, been on vodka and smoking diet all day“..

 My jaw drop………


Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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  1. Wow!! Not the Seyi I expected, its just shows u how really not to ever judge a book by its cover. Who wld hv tot Seyi the banker!!! Anyway I always love a story that has a twist.keep it up. But this suspence is not nice o… Make person no get high bp in anticipation

  2. sorry to be the monkey in the wrench. but it seems that the author is slowly losing the plot. gone is the seamless change between characters i have come to associate with THE HOUSE. but its just me wetin i sabi in *Boka’s voice*

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