How do I know what he feels for me?


Hey darlings, I was going to have a full week posting break until I got this email and you all should know by now that the Dear Elsians’ segment is my favorite segment. So I had no choice than to have this up, will swing into full action from Monday, bear with me – this rest is needed walahi! Kindly read below and drop some words (in the comment box) to help our dear friend. Thank you all.

“Hello Elsie I’m actually facing a dilemma regarding my best friend he is a guy but I’ve never met him. We have been very close as in emotionally and he has been my only support in my worst phase of life, we talk constantly every day but I feel more than friends for him but I don’t know how he feels for me, is there a way to understand what he feels, I would really appreciate your help, but I want this mail to be anonymous as he can be a subscriber to your channel so I don’t want my name to be disclosed, waiting for your response, thank you.”

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  1. Hmmmmm!!! Tricky one!!!! Well, how I think the lady can find out is if she paints a scenario of her feelings for the guy during their ” constant talks” and get his own view, then she should get this feelings from his reply….#justsuggesting tho!… eg She can use the “A friend of mine is having a problem ” line… works every time for me….lol…#don’tJudge

  2. LMAO…………is dis still happning in dis age nd era????? Oya I was 1ce in ur shoes but we dated in my case tho…lmao! Ok seriously why do we babes stress awaslf lyk dis? Dis guy is busy enjoyin life nd thinkin of premiership u r thinkin hw he feels bout u….biko ask him point blank nd if it wil affect d friendship abi bestieship den enter anoda ship o…dere r plenty ships on atlantic ocean…oil rig dey dere sef! My sister…..dese feelings r actuali cos u get all d attention u need 4rm him trust me I’ve bn dere I hav done dat nd I’m out of it! Pls jst ask him instead of using panadol mornin nd nite!!! God bless u o!

  3. You can drop lil hints here and there and watch how he responds to it. I do that a lot and d way the person responds tells me if we’re in d same radar. For example I sometimes be like “I was just thinking about u” or “I miss u dear” and everytin depends on his reaction. Flirting works 2

  4. Now your question is about what he feels, not love alone/particularly, but anything whatsover within that scope. Well, if you and this guy communicate quite effectively, it’s fairly easy to see and ascertain what he feels for you from mere likeness to infatuation, lust, love like a sister or real deep love like a partner. Even though guys are not as elusive and evasive like girls could be, it may be difficult to know exactly what he feels by asking especially if y’all have become such close pals that it may seem uncool to profess love for you. So just watch out for behaviours like over protectiveness, attitude towards you in private and in public, jealousy when ur with other guys, how serious he takes you when you need his help(attention) and many more…..

  5. She is not really in love with him, his attention for her is actually what triggered that. As for the guy’s feeling, the truth may be that he has no feeling or he has, you only know by asking. Ask him if you are truly close even though you’ve not seen each other.

  6. In my opinion, there is no way to understand what he feels. It is hard enough for two people who have met each other, who are not in a virtual friendship, to get each other, to know what feelings the other has for one. By your own admission, Anonymous, you haven’t even met him. There is no way you can gauge the sincerity of one’s feelings or emotions through whatever medium you two have been using to get to know each other. That’s my two pence.

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